Texas Build [still work in progress]

I’m starting a new build, and will document my progress here. Feel free to comment with any suggestions along the way.

What I currently have:

2019 Landyachtz Evo Falcon 40" Deck landyachtz-evo-deck

MBS All-Terrain 100mm Wheels mbs-wheels

Bones Reds Bearings w/ Dragon Spacers and Speed Rings bones-bearings

… still waiting on quite a few parts to arrive


I like everything I see here! What’s the plan for the electronics, trucks, mounts, etc?

Planning on using:

  • Dual 6374 190kV motors.
  • TorqueBoards 218mm trucks
  • FocBox Unity
  • eBoosted enclosure
  • 12S5P of Samsung 30Q’s (also being built by eBoosted)

Where in Texas?

Central Texas - Austin

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I would highly recommend @psychotiller motors, they’re priced just about the same as everything else, and they really rock.

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Can confirm, they shred hard. 20190404_110231

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Yeah Texas. Thats abig claim woth that build name. Do us proud now.

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3d printed some 36T 12mm sprockets


Nuts and bolts for wheels #10-32 x 2 1/2


Attached to the wheels


63mm Motor Mounts


16T 12mm sprocket


Rear truck with motors mounted


eBoosted enclosure, with 12S5P battery made from Samsung 30Q cells


here’s another picture of just the deck and enclosure


mounted the front and rear trucks


here it is with the enclosure placed on it (not attached yet)



I had already ordered the motors, I’ll keep those in mind for the future though

It ain’t a Texas build till it got horns on it

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@KaramQ is got long horn wheels. I’ll allow it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Looking nice! The TB motors work great. Just be aware that some people have had experiences with the magnet retaining ring coming loose. Just be aware of the sound of the motors, if it sounds like something rattling around in there, it’s probably the magnet retaining ring. While it’s pretty easy to fix, don’t keep riding it like that because in there unmounted state they can break apart and potentially jam the motor. All the same, these are great motors, and the design is really good at sealing them.


Does anyone have a better option for mounting the motors that I am not currently aware of?

I would like to be able to not cut the end off the enclosure, but I would also like to mount the motors inside of the trucks, and have as much clearance between motors and the ground as possible. Including the distance the trucks travel when turning, there isn’t enough room. 265mm belt (currently being used) is the shortest that I think will fit before the motor pulley and wheel start to grind together.

it looks like I’ll have to remove the enclosure starting at the blue line:


View from top:


I’d suggest using spacers under the trucks, that will open up clearance. I run 1/2 spacers.


Thanks, that does seem like a better option.

Do you use them in the front also? Or would it mess up the geometry to only use a spacer in the rear and not the front?

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I run 1/2 front and back got em off amazon for 12 bux .

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I have the riptide risers on my LY evo with surfrodz, the board still handles like it did without them. You wouldn’t be changing the geometry that much by putting a flat riser under the trucks (or just one set). If it was an angled riser than ya, you gotta do some thinking then!

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I’m using riptide tunnel risers front and back.

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Is there not enough space there just because when you turn the motors hit the enclosure?