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The inrush current was way too high. It must have been something over 70A I believe. It had to be at least so high that the connector or the plasic weldeld together Where you using cheap xt90 connector’s? Otherwise, I got no explanation :slight_smile:

Could have sworn i read a post that someone thought they got fake xt90 Connectors.


Well it is a 12s8p. I’m going to have to test my next loop key first on one if my smaller batteries not inside if the board.

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Where did you get the xt90 connector? :smile:

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The antispark one or the regular connector. The antispark I had laying around I think I originally got them on Amazon but the others in the batch have worked.

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The antispark is an xt60 or xt90?

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I have some cheap regular tx90 connectors mixed with good ones I may have used those if it makes a difference.

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Xt90 connector.

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Put this on the wrong thread. I see the green “L” but perhaps its not really a XT90s. there’s loads of fake ones out that don’t actually work


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In my opinion, the only possibility is that somehow the current got way too high and melted the plastic or welded the connector together. :slight_smile:

I’ve also seen where it isn’t pushed in ALL the way and makes little arc current sparks.

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It sparked before I pushed it all the way in I’m going to assume then antispark is faulty.


That is some weird ass shit.


What a mess. Glad it didn’t get any worse.


I don’t see an S on that male connector. Maybe you grabbed a plain xt90 male? Not sure if it has any effect but hey I did notice. Screenshot_20190104-174019_Amazon Ones I got from Amazon.


I did use a plane tx90 male I didn’t think there was a difference.

I’m not sure if it matters. If you have an S one laying around I’d try that just to be extra safe.



U can also double click the drag handle and it’ll auto find end of range and fill. Cntl+D good too


@Battosaii the male doesn’t matter but the female has to be an “S” variant.

Would you photograph your setup and how the battery is/was connected to everything else?

Are you sure you weren’t shorting the battery out?


I had this problem once and ended up destroying my VESC

Doubled checked everything and there was no reverse polarity or wires exposed was just random.

Maybe a faulty or fake XT 90 S?