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Sorry I haven’t checked in here in a minute! That’s great! My roommate is about to transfer his build from a prism origin to a EW road killer! My first esk8, which I’m still currently riding, is on a 2015 EW supermodel. I’ve ridden it going on 1500 miles in rain and dirt and sand and it’s still holding up great. No warp, no delamimation, even the finish is still holding up alright. It’s good shit! I don’t know where you’re located but if you ever find yourself towards Alabama we should ride! Always feel free to tag me or DM me if you need anything!

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Other than good wire and regular xt60 or 90 connectors you should be okay. You’ll need a piece of malleable copper for your loop key but you can find that anywhere locally.

I’m very excited to see how the 76mm abecs work out!

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By hand? :exploding_head: Or is it a CNC wire cutter?

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Very nice. But how will you adjust the belt tension?

Awesome buld!

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@lrdesigns Just having a little fun there… I have access to is cnc wire edm.

@Grozniy Good point, I originally planned on slotting the holes. Then I decided to try to get it dead nuts for a 265mm belt. If it doesn’t work out I will slot it.

Or maybe a 270 or 275 with an idler…

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preview… IMG_2749

Finally got some time to work on the flywheel adapter section of the wheel pulley. I got the 76mm flywheels in. This made it a lot easier to verify my final dimensions. I am happy with how it turned out so far.

I made my rough cuts and then faced off the pulley side IMG_2701 IMG_2702

Center drilled and turned to final size IMG_2704

.425 through hole IMG_2707 IMG_2708 IMG_2709

Boring the ID to fit inside the flywheel IMG_2711 IMG_2712 IMG_2713

Back to the pulley side to bore a space for the bearing IMG_2714 IMG_2743

Little bit of chatter with my tiny boring bar IMG_2745 IMG_2746

I still need to drill and tap my bolt pattern to join the pieces together as well as cut the slots so it will mate to the flywheel. I am still deciding which method to use for the slots. I could mill them or cut them on the EDM. Either way I need a way to index the 120 degree rotations. I have a hex collet block I think will do the trick.

The bearing presses nicely and protrudes about 0.070" out of the adapter. This allows the pulley to index onto the bearing so that they ride concentric.

IMG_2755 IMG_2759 IMG_2751 IMG_2749

I put the flywheels on for a ride and I am glad I went with the 76mm. It is a great feel. We will see how it is with the electrics… IMG_2716%20-%20Copy IMG_2717


This is very hands on, i like it! Great work so far! I have a lathe as well but i have not tried turning pulleys out before.

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@Linny Thank you, I am really trying to make as much as I can manually, with the help of machine tools, CNC if I must. I am planning to gift this, so it will have more meaning IMO

I am starting to think a motor could be possible on a future build, but that is really hard to rationalize with how much work would go into it, and how cheap one can be purchased for.

1016181545 1016181446 1016181304 1016181341 1016181428


Bolt circle and assembly. Will probably pick up some stainless hardware. Anyone know if stainless steel and aluminum play nice together?

Was going to try the cross slide table on the drill press but decided to go with the mill attachment on the lathe. IMG_2764 IMG_2766

Decided to transfer the pulley bolt pattern to the adapter. Installing a bearing so the pieces will fit concentric. IMG_2768

The bearing slides in nicely with a little heat. IMG_2769

Holes Drilled IMG_2771

Tapping IMG_2772

Ready for assembly IMG_2774

I checked total indicated runout on the lathe and got maybe 0.0005". That’s about as good as my chuck so I would say it is dead nuts… IMG_2775 IMG_2778 IMG_2782

The focbox came in the mail today, its coming together…going to order more parts tomorrow


Man I’m so glad the 76’s have been to your liking! I’m so tempted to get some now… the smallest I’ve gone is the 83! This build is gonna be tight. You should totally bust out some mad standies on that thing when it’s done :joy: also super fuckin impressed at all your machining work. So cool dude… super jealous!


Man…not sure what to do for my first battery build. Was stuck on 10s4p 30q. Now considering lipo.

Also haven’t pulled the trigger on the motor. Still thinking 192kv sk3 from hobby king.

I would spring for a Torqueboards motor. Overall higher quality. Also definetly go with the 30q unless you are on a budget. What range are you going for?

@Jake2k17 Thanks, I am planning on soldering, I have a big 175W Iron. I just want to do it right. I’m looking at the cell level fusing and various methods and its a lot to take in. I am an electrician so I am no stranger to insulation, conductor sizes etc. I am just new to building a pack.

I will check out the TB motor. Is a bolt layout or any drawings available?

I want my son to be able to ride with me. My evolve I’ve gone 25 miles with some left over. So I am looking for similar range. Im 220lbs and he is 80 :slight_smile:

I was thinking if I matched the 10s 10Ah battery I would be in good shape. I was planning 15:36 pulleys with 76mm wheels and the 192kv motor I think TB is 200kv

@JLabs has some good batteries… I personally wouldn’t go for the torqueboards motors, @GreasyGearsWRX and I have had lots of issues with them.

They are still in business!? I absorbed their truck development! Would love to try their channeltrucks on an esk8.

@eb1925 Thanks, I will check with @JLabs on the battery. Any recommendations on the motor?


Apparently Other Planet Skate is in business. I got a sticker that said other planet products. Have you tried there trucks? Not sure what you meant by absorbed their truck business.

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