ThaNoS_Short AT commuter_ ChooChoo deck | MAD Fury DD | Hammock Adj Base Plate | Bergmeister 6" wheels | Focbox Unity | 12s3p 30Q

Hi! Instead of spread updates on this build everywhere, better to make a dedicated topic. The purpose of this build is to replace my current commute board ( with a short AT. I was inspired by the amazing work of @ervinelin with the Mini Rolling Fortress. I want to be able to ride without care too much about bad roads, since I am always carrying 2 backpacks ecc…That being said I also want to make something epic to me so…


image image


image image image

  • MAD Fury Direct Drive, 60Kv special edition. I wanted a lower Kv to better accommodate the AT wheels. @rey8801 image image image image

  • DIY vaccuum forming enclosure image

  • Bergmeister 6" AT wheels @riverside.rider. Still have to try them out but only heard good things about it. They look incredible nice for sure. image

  • Hammock Base Plate @rey8801 ( yeh still me :rofl: ) I can not use high plastic risers anymore. Nop nop… image image image

  • Unity A must in my builds lately. image

  • 12s3p 30Q battery with Bestech D140 bms.

Currently making the mold for forming the enclosure. DIY vaccuum forming set up is done already

image image image image

I hope you will like it…:wink:


Looks a lot sleeker than most AT-Builds. Like it a lot

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For me the sthealthy look is one of the main priority. Anyhow it’s a light AT, for sure not comperable of hardcore Trampa AT. The purpose is different :grin:


What’s the dimensions on the deck?

31 Inch…Shorter would have too narrow wheel base

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I recently completely dumped my plans and redesigned everything and am starting over because my other build was not stealthy enough for me. haha

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I feel the pain man :call_me_hand: Not easy to build sleek Esk8. It’s a challenge

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Building one that works is one Thing. But Building one that makes you go “oh wow i built that” every time you see it is not as easy.

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It’s true. In my humble experience designing the decks and making the direct drives. It’s rather easy to gain volume while really difficult to combine everything in order to keep the overall size reasonable so that it doesn’t look too bulky from outside. On top of that we want power so big motors and big batteries. Otherwise would be really nice to make a small build for moving around the city with a 50xx motor and integrated deck. That would be really difficult to distinguish from a normal skate.

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I am building a 10s4p, dual6355 Tayto atm with the single stacked enclosure from eboosted to Keep it slim. I first wanted to get 50xx`s but did not want to risk it being too weak.

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Depends the need. 50xx is what Evolve and boosted boards use so you will move around pretty quick. Of course we all know that DIY allow you to have more power so why not. Only downside is the weight.

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I want that deck, and I want it yesterday.

Also how much range will you get with pneumatics on a 3p setup?

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hahaha the deck I can make it available. I would like to try it first to be sure it rides fine. Of course will take some times to finish the build since I have to first full fill the GBs. Anyhow I am working on the deck in background. I am making the mould for the enclosure. 2 parts out of 3 done. Once the enclosure is done most of the work is finished. The battery is already 90% done.

Never tried pneumatic before. It is gonna be my first time :grin:


Drive ready for to host Bergmeister…:grin: Really want to give it a try…

IMG_20190526_132432 IMG_20190526_132416