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Hey there, I was looking to build a board a few years ago but didn’t have the time or budget so I opted for an ownboard W2, it’s worked relatively great but now I want to explore the DIY route.

I have read heaps of posts and created a parts list which I believe reflects that. The reason most of the parts are from Banggood is simply that shipping and tax (for whatever reason) is cheaper than ordering directly from Flipskys website (to Sweden).

Where I am especially unsure is what VESC to purchase, I’m aware many say it’s mostly a matter of personal preference especially when it comes to Focbox “vs” Flipsky. Right now I am leaning towards the FocBox Tenka as it seems to be on par with the FocBox unity minus the Bluetooth capability. Though my wallet would prefer to purchase a Flipsky VESC from BangGood simply because most of my parts are from Flipsky and it would be cheaper shipping cost-wise, though I am open to other alternatives.

The build does not include a deck or wheels as I am planning on reusing my current W2 deck/wheels, or if push comes to shove buy some locally. The idea for the step down is to wire the VESC and it in parallel, (not entirely sure if it’ll even fit but I am willing to take that risk); I have access to almost every fit of screw that doesn’t come with the ordered parts; I’m unsure how to locate a key for the motor as my best searching abilities amongst to nothing on BangGood, though I should be able to locate one locally after the fact as they are standard? The xt60-xt90 adapter is because I believe the battery has a port for xt60 but the FocBox Tenka uses xt90, I could just solder on an xt90 connector but I would prefer not to.

I apologize in advance for any already answered questions, I did my best to try and find them on my own. Apon further reading I now realize there seems to be mixed feelings regarding everything flipsky, I would like to clarify that my main obstacle is my location. Most parts that I have heard good things about (like Torque board motors) are very expensive to ship to me. My budget is flexible, however, maybe not that flexible.

Feedback would be very much appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Parts list: