The Alpha 1.0 Build

It lives! I got my board built and she rides beautify. I have done about 5 miles since getting the board roadworthy yesterday and so far so good :slight_smile:

Not finished yet as there are a few niggles to sort out. Plus I need to add a resistor to the Vedder switch LED and shrink all the heat shrink on the cables to the switch and vedder switch PCB

Currently running 8S LiPo packs but will upgrade to 12S and install the BMS I just received, if I need extra range I will add 3 more packs and go 12S 2P.

The enclosure is just a little too large for the deck to be able to mount the motor on the inside of truck so once I work out the perfect combination of batteries I will either swap the deck for a larger one or possibly replace the enclosure with 2 separate enclosures.

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