The Ambassador | Landyachtz Switchblade 40"| Kahua trucks and mounts| Eskating PRO 6374 |30q 10s6p| Unity

Hi Guys,

I’m completely new here. I’ve been riding a slightly modified wowgo2s (deckswap, bushings, waterproofing, etc) for a year now almost every day, and a regular longboard for years before. I feel that I want more power for hillclimbs, as well as range, and as I am a diy enthusiast (mostly cars) I thought I would delve into the diy esk8 world, and build my own board. After a few days of 0-24 research I’ve managed to compile a list of parts, which seem suitable, and compatible with each other.

  • ESC: Focbox unity + etray (bms, chargeport, fuse and switch) -Considered neobox, trampa, flipsky, but this seemed to be the best all-around choice from the raptor clearance shop. (I’ve dug into it a bit, found quite a few people who have received original parts, including a working unity with the pcb and the packaging looking exactly the same as the original)

  • Remote: Flipsky vx2 pro

  • Charger: Enertion 4A -Also from the clearance shop, it was 34ish USD

  • Motors: Eskating PRO 6374 -I originally wanted to go for Maytechs or TB motors, but I want to avoid taxes and duties (it is at least +30% around here if it gets caught). I’ve also though about Flipsky motors, but they seem to be unreliable. Despite all the alternatives being nominally cheaper, after customs, the Eskating pro is the most cost effective option. Also, a few people have noted that it is a rebranded Maytech, so quality shouldn’t be an issue. Also, its nominally rated 190kv, but a review mentioned that it is closer to 170kv. (yaay more torque)

  • Battery: Samsung 30q 10s6p dyi

  • Trucks and mounts: Kahua forged and milled -I’m am not entirely certain about these, especially considering that they ship from China . [taxes :frowning: ] I’ve considered the e-caliber trucks, but they are too narrow. Any other good alternative? I don’t want to opt for double kingpin, as most of you deemed it too unstable, and I’ve been perfectly pleased with the manoeuvrability of single kingpin trucks.

  • Drivetrain: Banggood OEM -Including the pulley for the motor and the abec wheel, the hardware and the belts. It seems exactly the same quality to others, i.e. the one sold on but for less than half. If anyone has negative experience with them I’m fine with not cutting corners and going for the more expensive one, I just don’t necessarily see the difference in this case.

  • Deck: Switchblade 40"

  • Enclosure: Eboosted

  • Wheels: Abec 11 refly 97mm -Are these worth the money?

As a first time builder I am more than happy to take any recommendations, tips and tricks, alternatives for parts, or whether a given part is too high or too low spec compared to the rest, or just generally there is a better option out there. I have a few concrete questions:

1: I’ve already purchased the etray(raptor) with switch, bms, fuse included, do I still need an antispark?

2: Is there any other viable alternative for the Kahua trucks and mounts, for fitting 6374 motors, especially from the EU? (to avoid duties) Caliber-e trucks seem to be too narrow for 6374s.

3: Also, any other viable alternative for the enclosure? (also concerned about duties)

If this renowned community agrees with these principles of my build, I’ll start ordering parts, and posting pictures and info about the build process.

Thank you very much!

Hey, welcome to the world of diy esk8.

Its kind of hard to know if all thos parts are good cause you didn’t provide the links and i can be bothered to search, but despite that the only thing that im unsure about are those trucks. Can you link to those?

Good luck have fun and keep documenting the build here so you have a permanent record to refer to.

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Thank you, I will!

oh, yeah i have seen these truck, just didn’t recognize the name.

those trucks look pretty solid.

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