The Archangel: 2nd build, Sportster single drive, 12s2p, 190kv 6355, FOCBOX, Kegel

I’m calling this board Damien.

I don’t need much torque. I have about one hill at about a 12% grade in my whole city.

Battery: Torqueboards 12s2p 30Q Enclosure: @Eboosted 20"
Motor: Torqueboards 6355 190kv Pulleys: Torqueboards kegel pulley combo 12mm belt (14T motor pulley) Mount: Torqueboards V4 ESC: Enertion FOCBOX Controller: Enertion Nano X

Deck: Bustin sportster Trucks: Calliber II 50 Wheel: Orangatang Kegel 80a Bearings: Neal hurricanes

In the event my wallet suddenly replenishes, I do plan to upgrade to dual. That’s the main reason why I went for a 6355 instead of a 6374. And TB 218’s don’t come in watermelon colors

Caliber II 55 and Icarus deck… that’s a super fun combo (used to run a Paris and Icarus deck pushboard). You’re gonna want to top mount the trucks.

I’d get @marcmt88 mounts for the same price, the mount uses idler pulleys, so there won’t be a lot of coasting drag at all. I’d consider building a battery that is shorter to allow the deck to flex. If you build a battery, take the saved costs and invest in a larger motor and get a 15t motor pulley.

Been thinking about it, might just save the icarus for a push board (I have a set of paris V2’s and Otang 4presidents).

Instead, I might buy a set of birch veneer from Roarockit and press my own board. Really want to go for a shape similar to the Bustin boards sportster

That way, i’ll have a stiffer deck and I get to keep the lovely Icarus hole-free

Good idea, but I already ordered the TB combo with the cyber monday discount

You should consider one of these decks if that’s the case.

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Top mount an Icarus… Neverrrrrr

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Any particular reason why?

I would actually go with skateshred over Custom Skateboard as they take longer to ship. Skate shred ships pretty quick I put in a big order for components and they got it out same day.

Good insight, though i guess it really comes down to what you need and what your patience is.

Ahh, I ordered a Bustin Sportster, still had BF deal and it was 2 day shipping. Roarockit had like $30 shipping for two weeks. Plus I don’t have nearly enough clamps :grin:

Wheelbase is 26, will be a very tight squeeze with a belt drive system

I’d have gotten a top mount? Just personal preference.

yea me too, couldn’t find a nice looking top mount deck. WIll just top mount my tucks on the sportster.

Had spare CF vinyl laying around. Only had enough for what’s in the picture. The rest will be painted matt black (yes I know I should’ve painted first but too late now).

Honestly, I just wanted a black ass deck because that shit looks cool with pink calibers.

legit I would have so much done right now if I wasn’t waiting for my already 2 month late focbox and nano x

31 PM


Finished painting: 5 coats of rustoleum black 2 coats polyurethane

3 coats of rustoleum black on hardware,

Yes I know there is dirt on my vinyl.


Looks pretty nice :slight_smile:

How much flex does this board have?

Pretty close to zero. Main reason why I chose this deck.

looks nice. ive had at least four of sportster and really like it.

they’ve made different versions with the fiberglass flexy, wood stiff, and carbon stiff. I have a used carbon version and can throw on some new 195 paris v2 and abec11 centrax 83 if anyone’s interested.

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@GrecoMan 10char

The black really brings out the orange wheels and watermelon trucks.


My friend drew an archangel up for me so I vectored it and made it vinyl cut-able. Now I have an angel watching over me :slight_smile:

This was the original pencil drawing scanned with an app called CamScanner

There’s no way a vinyl sticker can be that detailed so unfortunately, I had to tone it down. I clicked a few buttons in illustrator which got me a set of vector paths that are isolated as their own object (IMPORTANT)

I had another friend cut the sticker at his school and ship it over to me (all the way from Singapore). It’s a bit lobsided but who cares


Focbox finally arrived, got it programmed with the new vesc tool & replaced the 3.5’s with 5.5, xt60 with xt90 to work with my battery. @Eboosted enclosure also arrived, the thing feels bulletproof as hell. So I slapped the angel sticker on it.