Hey everyone! Most of you probably know about the Armored Hoodie at this point. Now we just launched the pre orders of the Armored Jacket. Production will begin as soon as we’ve got about 100 orders and will take 3-4 weeks to be produced.

Check it out here:

Questions or group buys email mailto:[email protected]

Cheers from Sweden! // Daniel & Robin


Dammit…I want one.

My hoodie fits me now and it’s absolutely amazing to ride in. I feel so protected in it!

Now I want the coat!

Do you know if the fit will be the same? If the XXL fits me in the hoodie, should that be my size in the coat as well?

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Yeah man, it’s based on the same size chart :slight_smile: But the Jacket is not as elastic as the Hoodie, so you need to think twice if you’re going to leave room for an extra long sleeved sweatshirt. Personally I use two thin longsleeved t-shirts under when its 5 celcius.

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So the jacket is a bit thinner (not as much insulation/outer thickness)?

That sounds good…it should be cooler than the hoodie in the hot months when you are sitting still but you won’t get as much air flowing through when it’s cold. Does that sound right?

That’s right, but if you want more airflow we’ve added zippers under the armpits for good ventilation