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Finally! That what I said. There is always a first time and I won’t forget the feelings of building mine own first Esk8. I approciated this amazing world last year with a Koowheel. A cheap pre-built board that I really enjoyed until it broke after 2 months. Since then I kept thinking about the next board, whether another pre-built or follow the DIY way. I am not new to build stuff, but I didn’t know anything about bulding an Esk8. I like at first eskating bacause it gives me the snowboard feeling and I don’t have to push :joy: ! Luckily I sticked to the DIY solution. So my needs were short, silent, decent range and power, and most important COOL! :sunglasses:. Budget 500 Euro (little spoiler I went slightly above but not that much). I started reading the forum and soon realized that all the knowledge needed were there, so no excuse anymore… Phase 1: Planning


  • Custom made spot welder. For friends called the Frankenstein spot welder. Wood, trasformer, arduino e patience. Not astetic but functional!

I really want to thank you all for this amazing forum and in particular who helped me during this bulding. @RedEagle @ElskerShadow @sayekim @Ackmaniac @e.board_solutions (I met him in person, really nice guy).

And now pictures or it didn’t happen…

! Next time I will opt for the wood insert, since witht the t-nut if the deck is not really flat you will notice a bump under the grip tape. I milled down but still visible.

Elon Musk heat sink approved :sunglasses::+1:

I don’t have the picture but at the end I created a 3-4mm hole for the whole enclosure. All the electronics is velcro attached to the board (Velcro from hobbyking, really stong one and thinner than the 3M one).

And final result…

The ony thinkg I will probably chage is the enclosure, either I re-print it a bit bigger (too tight fit) and I had problem during the printing (100 hours in total) of clogged nozzle so some parts are not strong as the rest. I am thinking about Kydex. If someone has experience please share your tricks!

Overall I am really happy with how it turned out. My previous Koowheel in fast mode has the same torque of this one in slow mode :smirk: I am surprise about this hub motor nad the ride with Vesc is way smoother than with ESC. I am still adjusting the trucks but top speed around 40km/h (ackmaniac app, I will post screenshot later), super fine for me, on such short board. The real surprise is the torque that it’s really strong, I set the accelaration curve at -22% to be more gentle but on the steepest hill in my city it bit the street. I can stand on it in max accelleration.

If you read it till here, hey thx for your time! For any question…I am here. Ciao ciao…

EDIT: After request I added the STL files.


Hehe, the title is like just in time for some big event happening this month :smiley:


Actually more like it took 1 month and a half longer than planned…:joy:

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:smiley: You mis a lighting effect on A logo :smiley:

ahahah I should have thought about it

if you have access to some kind CNC engraver engrave logo on plexi and cutout from the case and put it through and shine some LED from sides would look supper sick :blush:

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Ah and yes I will be there for the new movie :sunglasses: Marvel inside

Wow, very nice build! The bluetooth module is it good? :slight_smile:

I have access to a CNC machine, I just need to know how to use it :sweat_smile:

That is a surprisingly good looking build, especially for a first build.

If you have access to a vacuum former you could use your existing enclosure to for a new one giving you a bit more real estate since your existing outside dimensions will become your inside dimensions.


So far so good…through the app you can ahve the telemetry, change the vescs setting ecc…pretty cool

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I also thought so, then probably fiber glass and carbon fiber would be the right choice. Thank for the nice word, I read and planned a lot before start. I had to learn how to use fusion 360 and a lot of other things. All skills to take home.


The end result is so great mate!

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Thanks man. As I siad the buld is inspired by yours so thank you. I am thinking of paint the motor shining parts, at least the on on the side…I hate them :rofl:

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Great first build. Love the spot Welder.

What are your vesc settings?

Ah thx. It is not beautiful but it worked.


Good job ! that’s an awesome board. thanks for the credits!

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No problem. I would have bought your enclosure and saved me a lot of sleepless nights but my stuff couldn’t fit inside. Not with double esc and BMS with heatsink. Too bulky stuff. Anyhow I find your enclosure the best one for the Jet Spud so I took inspiration.


Nice build. You went all in in every aspect, respect!

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