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Ok! Finally I finished the fiberglass enclosure. First time. Learnt a lot, which is always nice. I didn’t get the super smooth surface because I run out of resin and I didn’t have the gel coat. I can always decide to recoat it afterwards (if I find the time and the patience). I used my old 3D printed enclosure, cut out the edges, wrapped, than resin, fiberglass, remove bubbles…check and repeat several times. Peel ply, breeder and vacuum bag (ghetto style @ninja). It came out really strong and at that time I understood how long it would take to sand it. Few hours and 2 arms gone later I cleaned up the enclosure and sanded it down as best I could until wet sanding. Made the holes for the electronics and hardware. Closed the old holes with resin to remove the bump on the top of the board. Drilled the new holes, this time went for wood threaded insert M4 x 8mm. Big thanks to @Sebike who sent them to me for free, allowing me to continue because the one I ordered were still on the way. Final steps, repaint the board, and the enclosure with first primer (filler one for the enclosure) and then Matt black. Now a sequence of pictures that tell more than the words…

Ciao! :laughing:


Nice one! Good job!!

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Very nice! Good move changing the printed enclosure to a fiberglass one!

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Now I am waiting for your Spud build updates…:laughing:

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I am waiting for it too! hahahaha


Nice build! I love the size, quite similar to mine. I also learned alot doing the FG enclosure :slight_smile: But felt good seeing the product. Next time(?) I hope I can get a better finish as well.

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Thanks! I checked your build really nice. Moreover since you made even the board! That is on a next level. Yeh the final super smooth finish is not that difficult if you have additional epoxy or polyester resin, or even better a gel coat. It takes time but it’s feasible. How does the board run?

The board runs great even with one single 6355-motor and belts. With dual setup and a bit more batteries in parallell it would really master the hills well and also break a bit better. But it is alot of fun as it is and running for 20 kms+. I love the small form factor - easy to pick up, take on bus if needed etc.

What about yours?

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I had a pre-built longboard last year, and I love it, although it had worse specs than this one. The only thing it really sucked was the size. It couldn’t fit almost anywhere, that’s way I went for a short board. Protability and silent motors were a must for this build. I habe been using it for the past month and a half and It’s amazing. The hubmotors surprised me for the enjoyable torque and easy to reach 40km/h top speed. Although I like the possiblity to play with gears of belt drive system, but I don’t like the noise.

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@rey8801 have you upgraded your battery pack or why does your enclosure seem bigger than the old printed one?

Because I used the 3d one as mold for the fiberglass enclosure. So I gained room. Which is good because the previous one was a bit smaller. Mainly due to the BMS being too big. Otherwise a 10s3p with 2 vescs fit perfectly in the original one.

Great build @rey8801!


Thx man! :smile:

Since has been a while…wanted to try out 12s, so got 2 Flipsky 6.6, few more cells for 12s3p 30Q battery, bestech 12s D140 and some accessories :kissing:… The Avenger is back… IMG_20181023_000718 IMG_20181023_000807 IMG_20181015_234446 IMG_20181015_001532

Still with the old motors because I want to test them at 12s first. Not to many reviews of Meepo hubs at 12s. Plus I still have to finish the DD conversion of the MAD hubs


I will post how they ride at 12s…


They look bulky… How big are wheels? 90mm?

Yes 90mm…I think the minimum is 97 to don’t have clearance problem.

What’s the diameter of the DD must nearly be 80mm

It’s because how those hubs are build. Should be arround 76mm.

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The outer diameter of the DD is there just for estetitics. With the can cover is about 76mm. You could go without the cover and gain clearance but then you see the screws underneath.


I was close :smiley: