The AVIO Mini Remote Mod

Yeah i have a bunch of these, was wondering if theres a pcb with a tp4056 and a 3.3v regulator in one.

I think it does? The schematic in the first link I think is for something else with a similar circuit. The second link says:

@deucesdown Hmm, i just hooked it up and tested it, could only get 5v, but nothing from the 3v3 rail.

Edit: i think he means that the rt9013 is on the d1 mini, not the shield.

Looking st the schematic the shield really does only have a Vout of 5v.


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That’s exactly what I’m looking for; I have a spare mini remote I’ve been playing with to try and relocate the wheel to the center of the controller.

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Do you think the remote can handle straight 3.7 (4.2 max) from a lipo? The 4.2 max might not be too much for the board.

Thats what I do… But im kind of an eco nut who doesn’t like making more trash so rechargeale batteries when possible

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iv ordered some so will be going that route soon lol, how often do you find your recharging them?


4.2v works, but might be stressing the components, and burn out at some point. The diode trick:

Ugh up above I was talking nonsense for voltages. 4.2v full lipo. diode typically drops 0.7v, so 3.5v at full charge. I use the board mmaner linked above. The only problem is the charge rate is a bit fast, want to change the resistor to do maybe 250ma instead of 1000ma. Maybe there are variants with a pot instead of a resistor.

After I put in a tiny lipo, I think I could charge once a year, riding 35 miles per week. Twice a year to be safe :slight_smile: But actually lipos hate being at full charge or empty, so I try to keep it around 3.8-3.9v.

LOVE IT! So stoked on this and have a spare mini remote laying around I used for one ride and not since due to the shape and ugliness. Will you also be posting links to the other parts and a quick directions guide for us non electrical people to be able to figure it out once you test it and post the STL files so we can print and make one too I hope?

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Damn beat me to it… I was gonna try and do one in the coming weeks. Guess I’ll try a thumb wheel conversion instead.


I will do a full “how-to” guide when it’s ready, and when I have the time to do it.


You rock brotha, thanks so much! Been waiting for something like this for what feels like a lifetime.

Don’t mean to bug or anything either but do you have just a rough guess on when you’ll have enough testing on it and feel comfortable making it available to the community by chance…? I mean are you thinking a week or two, a month, much more/less than that…? I know I’ve got my PayPal account alerted to send you a tip to say thank you as soon as you do so lmk if you don’t mind.

Thanks again and keep up the good work my dude! Will be waiting every so patiently to hear new updates.

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Hopefully within 2 weeks to a month, but I don’t want to make any promises.

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Great job, I will be excited to see how your testing goes. Thanks for the contribution

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Oh yeah, I’ll be designing a long version of the remote for the people who may want it too.



Ok, so I had some free time tonight and decided to finish this project up. Just went for a test run and i loved it.

Files and instructions on how to mod it will be released by the end of next week, or maybe even this weekend.




Can you take a photo with it in hand?

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Am giving it another paint job right now, ill do that tomorrow.

Here’s it working.



Because @Linny said my previous paint job sucked. I had to redo it.


Why not a gtb2 modM