The AVIO Urethane Gear Drive

Mod.8 32p Mod1.5 Mod1.5


What’s your verdict?

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Most recent update!

It’ll be 2 weeks before my CNCed mounts and motors arrive, can’t wait! In the mean time, my HP Jet-Fusioned parts have arrived and everything fits! :smiley: Will try to source for a transparent cover (kinda cool to see the internals). Also updated my design to make space for dual-6355s on the E-Caliber hangar or dual-6374s on the TB218 hangar. Unfortunately, the current design will only accomodate up to a single 63XX on a regular caliber ll mount.

IMG_20180923_195604%20(1) Dual%20Drive%20Render

In response to the module used - honestly, use whatever module you want, each comes with its pros and cons, but generally, with a larger module comes a larger backlash which may or may not be beneficial depending on what you’re designing for. I chose a module of 1.5 mainly because the COTS pinion that I managed to find happened to be just that. :smiley:


Finally! :fire: How much do you think it will cost?

Edit : any chance to get a workable mount for Paris too? Will it fit in a narrower truck in 1wd layout?

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Sexy as hell, any plans for supporting kegals?

@Vanarian No plans on releasing the price at the moment. This project is still in its early stages and i’ll test the shit out of this drive before i sell it. Plans are to do 2 iterations (currently on the first) to work out all the kinks before finally selling the 3rd.

@Jc06505n Yeap, a kegel mount has already been modelled, though the drive would only probably be able to support 100mm Boas. ><.


Danm , really wanted to run some Popocoas😂

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So, the parts are here. Time to get it going. I’m currently in the middle of building a dual belt drive on an aileron deck, so getting another build up to test this will have to wait for abit. I might decide to replace a belt drive on one of my single drive builds to save me some time, we’ll see. As always, some pics! :smile:

Also, decided to go with red for additional speed.

IMG_20181010_021144 IMG_20181010_021213


Looks the business.

Very nice!

First test with the gear drive on a shitty motor running BLDC.

Conditions: 15-18kmh with a hill @ a 10% gradient. (Going to test it at 25 to 30kmh later in the week)


I’ll convince Jeff to redesign a gearbox for smaller wheels someday… :rofl:

That looks (sounds) promising, do a FOC one when you can please

ordering motors now. haha.

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What do you think of the PA12? Did you order it from shapeways? I’m thinking of using it for the cover of my gear drive since it looks really nice

Got it from weerg. Their black PA12 has an amazing finish, go for it if you are after the aesthetics. It’s pretty amazing.

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Thanks, will see about the price, first will do a few prototypes in my printer

A lot more expensive than I expected, will stick with my fdm printer and a can of matte black paint :upside_down_face:


these 3d print services are highway robbery


Oh yeah, it’s not cheap. ><.