The Bamboo Bolt | Fattail Flex 1 | Dual Motor | VESC

Hey guys, so this is pretty much a continuation of my last build thread, but I figured I’d make a new one since a lot of parts have changed since I started the last build.

So right now, it’s using Torqueboard’s mounts and 36/16 pulley kits, a single 120A 6S ESC, a single Maytech 230kV 6355 motor, 90mm flywheel clones and a couple of 3S 8Ah lipos. It was supposed to be dual motors, but one of the ESCs I got doesn’t work :disappointed:

I have a couple VESCs coming in the mail soon that I’ll set up ASAP.

I also eventually want to upgrade to a 12S3P or 12S2P Li-ion pack, and vacuum form my own ABS enclosures because the ones on there right now are way to tall, and they don’t look too good.


BTW, does anyone know if there are downsides to having the motor pulleys mounted the way I have them on? I remember reading something about it but I couldn’t find it.

In your case you could not mount the motors closer (Looks like they are very close on the pictures) and having the motor pulley the other way around would cause miss alignment with the wheel pulley.

Yeah there isn’t much room so I had to mount the pulleys that way.

My VESCs finally showed up through! It’s taking all my resolve to avoid hooking these things up so I can get my school work done…

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Alright, so after hooking up the VESCs my remote stopped working. I couldn’t find a fix so I got a GT2B that I’m gonna bad wolf mod. The GT2B showed up today so I set everything up and took it for a ride.

It was awesome, the VESC feels a thousand times better than the car ESCs I had before. Sadly, one of my VESCs got a DRV8302 error, so I’m currently only running on a single motor.

The 90mm wheels and the Fattail are a match made in heaven. Super comfy to ride and a ton of fun to carve with.

Gonna try to get that VESC fixed, print the bad wolf mod, and start working on enclosures next.

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There are much better gt2b mods than the bad wolf.

Just saying. :slight_smile:
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Quick update, I’ve been riding it pretty hard for a while now, one thing to note. Industrial strength Velcro is definitely not strong enough for this. The enclosures come off any time I drop the board or run over a crack too quickly.

So, I started doing some 3D modeling to make the ABS enclosures. I’ve never really done any of this before but I think it came out quite well. Plan is to CNC mill out a block of wood and use that as the mold.

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Got my VESC fixed, sadly haven’t been able to put in much work lately though. I bought a used set of TBs 6355 190kV motors, so I’ll be putting those on when I get an upgraded battery. I’ve also been working on the enclosures design.

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Printed and painted my Badwolf V2. Few imperfections on the print and I’d never really painted anything before… I think it came out well through :slight_smile:

I also got a set of black trucks/bushings/bearings and a pair of DIYs 6355 190kV motors for maximum stealth :sunglasses:

Sadly a bunch of bolts for my mounts were stripped since I foolishly used an imperial allen key set… I ordered a set of new screws and then I can put it all back together. I’ll also grab a couple 5S lipos and make a loop key.

Why didn’t you use the mad monkey? Much better IMO

Just liked the way the Bad Wolf looked tbh. So far it feels pretty good but if I crack it I’ll probably make a Mad Munkey.

After painting the Bad Wolf I realized that it really isn’t that hard to get something 3D printed to have a nice finish. So, instead of milling out a mold I’ll probably just 3D print an enclosure.

In the mean time, I’m going to turn the enclosures around and mount them bottom up. I also got the new bolts for my mounts, TB’s anti-spark switch, an inline watt meter and a couple of 5S lipos. Here’s a picture of everything mocked up.

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Just make sure the wire connecting the enclosers is loose enough as it will be stretched when the board flexes. Something will definitely break otherwise :slight_smile:

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So I got some awesome enclosures from @psychotiller:

They came with a bigger edge but I used a dremel to shave down the sides to fit on the deck nicely. I also mounted everything to the enclosures with 3M mounting tape. Fits the 5S lipos quite nicely.

Now I’m just waiting on an anti-spark switch to show up. Then I’ll cut holes out for the switch, a voltage indicator and mount the enclosures to the board.


IT’S DONE! :smiley:

I mounted the enclosures to the board and wired up the switch and volt meter, and stuck out a port to connect each box. Their held in place using Sugru.

The piece I made to connect the two boxes is a bit long so I might have to re do it but for now it’s fine.

Looking pretty sweet though :sunglasses:


Sadly the sugru wasn’t holding the xt90 in place very well so I scrapped that idea. for now I just left the hole open. I also hardwired pretty much everything inside the electronics case so it’s much cleaner now.

I also found some automotive trim and put that around the edges of the enclosures.

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I was riding in the frigid Canadian cold and upon dropping my deck the battery enclosure cracked around the screw holes :disappointed:

So I looked around online for something that would work and found a pretty decent plastic box to use as my enclosure. It’s much easier to work with since you don’t have to unscrew it to look inside, however the clamp keeping it closed it a little wimpy so I might have to reinforce it somehow.

It also rattles pretty hard and I’m a little afraid of cracking it as well. I was thinking of using washers, some o-rings and possibly more screws to distribute the load and dampen it a little.

I also got a MasterCho mod.

I’m also waiting on 2x 75kV Torqueboards 90mm hub motors. And planning on upgrading to a 12S2P pack with a BMS, however getting the materials and tools to build one would cost me over 500 bucks since shipping to Canada is evil. I might just order one from Miami Electric Boards and get it shipped to US/Canada boarder and drive down to pick it up.

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Alright. So I upgraded to 12S lipos, and the Torqueboards hubs showed up! I’m still waiting on the BMS and then I’ll wire in the switch, voltage meter and charging port as for now none of them are attached.

The hubs are pretty nice but I do have a few gripes. Somehow I stripped the thread on 1 of the holes for the grub screws :disappointed_relieved: hopefully it will hold fine with only 1 of them. The phase wires are incredibly skinny. They look like 20 gauge or something. Also, the hubs are much wider than your standard 90mm flywheels so they stick out more than regular wheels. Personally I think it looks kinda cool but it might bother some people.

And for anyone wondering I had to forgo the purple calibers since the hubs only fit on Paris trucks.

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Which do you prefer in terms of badwolf vs MasterCho G2B enclosure? Deciding which one to do :slight_smile: