The best 190KV 6355 Brushless Motor?

Hello guys,

I have been looking at a few different motors for a dual rear build i am making and i am not sure what motor to get. I was going to go with the “Alien 6355 190KV 2400W” motor but i have read that some of there products tend to fail such as their ESC another option is the “Enertion r-spec 2.0 190KV” but i feel this is too expensive and the Alien motor is the same/similar to this motor and is half the price. I have seen the Alien vs Enertion motor comparison but i would like to get the communities opinion.

I would like to know what you guys would recommend as a good long lasting motor with high power as some of you guys may have used these and/or other motors.

Kind of depends on where your located because shipping costs figure in.

Alien parts don’t seem to last long for some people but maybe the best option for some EU buyers.

DIY’s 230kv 6355 is pretty solid.



yeah just checked them out, i live in the UK but am mainly looking for 190kv motors


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i would pick between:

least expensive options - SK3 variants (kv you want 149-245) or Tacon 160. (if you can find them)

DIYes 63mm motors (a unique option is the higher kv and sensored (which you can opt not to use)) Also supposed to have 170/190 options soon

Enertion R-Spec (both 6355 and 6374)

Ollin’s 50mm motors

APS motors - i had a bad experience w/ their 8s dual ESC that could only be used on 7s. Since learned to avoid Flier/APS esc’s. Because of the month it took to refund and back/forth I choose to avoid APS altogether. My experience, but others have had exceptional service from Bruno… YMMV.

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I think some people are concluding those 230kv are really 200kv

Or are the new ones really 230 kv?

We will have some 190KV available 6355 and 5055 in mid August. Biggest stator we can fit with retaining rings on both sides. Sensored or Sensorless. @diyelectricskateboard


What size stator? Price range?

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@claudiofiore88 - 5055 is 40.630mm. $70 6355 is 52.830mm $90
5055 = 190kv / 280kv
6355 = 170kv / 190kv


@torqueboards That’s slightly bigger than Enertion’s R-spec, no?

Pretty freakin’ sweet line up, Dex. Chunky stators!! :thumbsup:

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@claudiofiore88 not sure what Rspec is…

@Ulfberht Why not :slight_smile:

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i ordered one of those closed alien HEV 190kv motor, should arrive next week. also ordered their 120A antispark which is fairly cheap … and the british pound took a 20% hit! :yum:

I dont get the APS bashing … people seem to project flier esc reliability on all their products, not sure why and not sure if its even justified for their escs. APS has hands down the best wheel pulley concept, they also offer the whole 15mm drivetrain and judging from their motor range and diy projects, they probably know a lot more about motors than most people here. :smile:


But the one is even cheaper :confused: - the higher amp rating is probably only due to the fuse that is missing in the APS one.

think whenever I checked it was sold out and the fuse ruins the form factor, so I wouldve had to unsolder and find a new place … or just remove it and bridge the fuse with some copper wire.

doable of course, but I also have very good experience with the torqueboard antispark, think the aps is pretty much the same. and that form factor suits my enclosures best (one long edge, one as short as possible)!

Nice, that motor is just what I was looking for.

They have 12 month warranty, but it is invalid if the item experienced “vibration” lol.

Pretty fishy warranty policy. Hopefully these are the same motors that chaka will sell. I really want a 63mm closed motor but shipping from the UK is a pain.

I ordered 2 of their HEV 6355 190kv motors with pulleys and the delivery was surprisingly quick to USA. Less than a week. Shipping was 19 BP
They claim that these are "high precision motors"
So I wanted to give them a try and see if they really are any better than other motors available.
I think I’d like to try the 5055 190s from @torqueboards when they become available.
But I’m wondering if they will have adequate torque for hill climbing.

How are the motors? Did you get to power them yet?

Maybe I’ll just bite the bullet.

My board is in pieces at the moment so I haven had a chance to test them yet.

What motor pulley are you planning to use? It’s got a 10mm shaft. Just enlarging the pulley a bit?