The best decks for DIY eskates (2018)

Sooooo…how is everyone doing? cool? This is my first thread in a while but an important one…

I have been testing and learning everything I can but I want to hear from you too. I have been going through many decks and swapping parts constantly to try and find the best combos and also testing robustness along the way. I have seen many common decks people keep mentioning and/or using for their builds, so I think there is a short list of the favorites or commonly used ones already.

I’ve actually been tasked with creating a more complete list to aid the industry and help get us more of what we need, so give it to me straight…

Here I will start:

The Evo The potato The bamboo dancer The hybrids

I want to know 2 things so lay it on me thick

-What is your favorite eskate deck? (specific make and model)

and if it doesn’t exist yet

-What features would it have? (length, width, concave profile, shape and features)


The @Hummie deck is amazing for me. I love the drop through and the CF keeps it rigid enough. The battery compartment keeps the profile slim so that even in drop through I have plenty of ground clearance. The shape also allows for an AT setup.

image image image image


Earthwing Team/Muirderer Potato 33 Cantellated Tesseract

Happens to be the decks I used on my builds… so I’m subjective :slight_smile:

Important to me: kicktail, length <37", big flares for big wheels


Really liking moonshin decks. Cant seem to pick one. Ive gone down to local skate shop and looked at them a dozen times. 33-38 inches.(preferably with kicktail)


Can’t forget trampa urban carver.

Just bought the Olin recurve I think that will be up there too


it really depends on your needs. Since my (main) board needs to fit in my locker and be small af i’ve chosen a eggboard and I love it. one thing that I have seen consistently throughout boards, regardless of size, length etc. is width, a good board has width.


My favorite to date is Hummie’s deck, it’s thick and sturdy, not flexy and is the only double drop to last longer than 3 months with me riding.

The one I am now looking at is from Red Ember Boards and it’s called The 44, I like long decks and The 44 is just calling to me, but gotta wait til he says they’re for sale :confused:

This is my current setup (non-powered at the momemt) the wide axles are so i can swap between 100mm and 6" wheels



Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Series 10 Mike McGill Skull and Snake Reissue (the bottlenose skakeskin) 680a84cec88e6eec50dd9bae72426d3b

It has a massive tail, is short enough (30.5", 77.5cm) to be carried upright by a handle on the nose, and is super-wide (10", 25.4cm) right under the front foot for stability at-speed. It’s the best commuter deck EVER and is super-awesome on trains and in grocery carts(trolleys).

The second runner-up sharing all of these features is the Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Series 10 Lance Mountain Future Primitive Reissue powell-peralta-lance-mountain-future-primitive-skateboard-deck-bones-brigade-lime-green-%5B2%5D-15463-p


@mmaner once told me that every serious builder does something with a RedEmber Bludgeon… for good reason. They are awesome.

But I also love the Lacroix, tailor made for eskate.

@barajabali I too cannot wait to get my hands on the Ollin Recurve…


Its hands down the best deck I’ve ridden for extended periods, its a frikkin tank and its comfortable…looks bad ass too.

I rode @Sender’s thane Lacroix yesterday and I’m a little jealous I don’t have one, that thing is epic.

I haven’t ridden @Hummie’s deck a ton, but the couple of hours of ride time I have on it is very impressive. The thing is incredibly well balanced, the concave and the drops are very gradual. For lack of a better word and at the risk of getting flamed, the ride quality is ‘sublime’.

I still feel like the LY TopSpeed is one of the best thane decks every made for esk8 that wasn’t specifically made for electric skateboard use.


What do you think about the hooch? I can’t decide to pull the trigger :slight_smile: Do you have any pictures of yours :face_with_monocle: Not easy enclosure i believe!


I like the deck a lot, it’s very comfortable, but at 38 inches I’m so spread out I feel like my man bits are a wind sock :slight_smile:. The only real complaint I have is that the wheelbase is tiny for the size of the deck, the trucks sit very far inside.

I think the rum runner would be a better fit.


I too love my Powell peralta decks. Make easily some of the nicest kicktails out there Imo. If your looking for something longer/for higher speeds the Byron essert frog is a beauty.


Ohh and the urethane bumpers are awesome and match the new abec cores perfectly lol.


I rode the Hooch, the build quality is top notch, like some of if not the best. But I wouldn’t go Hooch. It is a bit of a confusing shape for Es8. Hard to explain… but the Rum Runner… thats what I want to try after riding on @mmaner 's Hooch


Somebody suggested this recently and it looks awesome. I would love to see a build with this.


It exists

LOL still haven’t finished my gf’s board this weekend hopefully lol.

Coulda sworn I responded to you @Sender whoops!

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idk about best of 2018… maybe she can be the best just for a weekend :slight_smile:

This is the new 2018 Landyachtz Canyon Arrow, an aluminum enclosure from Shenzhen, Calibers, cut Akashas, Flipsky 6.6, etc. I’m having a custom grip tape cut for it that is just two white + signs.


If that had a kicktail it would be tits… Great looking deck


That looks like a blast!



Big fan of the Gravity 45" Big Kick … Solid layout for cruising