The best decks for DIY eskates (2018)

The Talon has a “beak” front to go with the name. Both have a small kick tail. C36 Specs: Construction : 7-ply maple Length: 36" (91.5cm) Width: 9 1/2" to 9 1/4" (24cm to 23.5) Drop: 1" (2.5cm) Concave: 1/2" (1.3cm) Flat Radial Wheelbase: 29" (73.7cm) Front Angle: +7° Rear Angle: -10°


Talon: Specs: 9-ply maple construction Length: 37" (94cm) Width: 9 3/4" to 9 1/4" (24.8cm to 23.5cm) Drop: 1 1/4" (3.2cm) Concave: 5/8" Taper to 1/2" (1.6cm to 1.3cm) Wheelbase: 27 3/4" (70.5cm) Foot Platform: 23" (58.4cm) Front Angle: +12° Back Angle: -12°

If you want to use Talon with eBoosted enclosure, make sure to let us know so we sent the model that fits to it.

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The kicktail is quite functional. With a little practice you get very maneuverable with it. Keep your back foot forward when you accelerate or you can lift the front wheels.

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… assuming you don’t want to lift the front wheels


Also have those decks. Don’t know what an I gonna do with the hyperbeast yet but I’m working on my spud rn

in Amsterdam carries a wide selection, including Subsonic. If you are interested in eSK8 please chat it up with them and ask them to let us know about it at Subsonic.

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The hyperbeast is getting the carvon xls and the spud will be all about lightweight

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Thanks for the infos!

I am really digging the Bonzing, its a sturdy and the perfect shape. the kicktail is functional and useful and my only wish it that it was over 10inches wide…



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This thread is great as I am researching for my first build. I am 280-300 lbs and have been struggling with finding a deck that will work for me. Going with dual 6374s, 12s2p, 14/40 teeth, and 90ish wheels. Any thoughts on deck choices would be great. Please message me as I do not want to side track this topic.

Also hello to all I look forward to being apart of the forum.

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Always been a personal fan of Bustin decks for my builds but currently gettin ready to try an Evo Falcon.

Thanks for the info I will check them out.

In the picture of that board, what battery enclosure are you using?

The slim one from

Haven’t finished my first build already contemplating another…

For the smaller decks, anyone got anything to say about Santa Cruz? Something like this

I love decks like that. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. But it will be hard to find enclosures.



Haha, mate your post is that one that got me thinking about a smaller board! (That and the jetspuds I found afterwards)

Enclosures don’t worry me too much, I’ve had what I’d like to think is a really good outcome with my first fibreglass attempt on my current build. Quite enjoyed the whole process so looking forward to making another enclosure!

That said the current one hasn’t been road tested. :rofl:


Check out the Powell-Peralta Lance Mountain Bones Brigade Future Primitive deck

I know this is old post but what enclosure is that?

this cccccccccccc

2 Likes slim enclosure.