The best LiPo battery for a 12s setup

Hello all! I’m new here but I’ve been reading a lot this forum and I gathered some info of the most used LiPo batteries in order to make up my mind based on the given numbers even if we know the spec are not always telling the true story. I’ve also set a column named Whr/kg that give an idea of how much juice per kg the battery can store. Battery packs with >65C order by Whr/kg

description gr gr- tot conf mAh unit price total Whr/kg url
SMC 7400mAh 6s2p 22.2V 149Amps/90C 976 1952 2x=12S2p 7400 € 119.95 € 239.90 168.319672131148
SLS Quantum 5000mAh 12S1P 44.4V 65C / 130C SPLIT 1841 1841 1x=12S1p 5000 € 230.85 € 230.85 120.586637696904
Turnigy nano-tech ultima 7500mAh 2S2P 90C Hardcase Lipo 468 2808 6x=12S2p 7500 € 61.00 € 366.00 118.589743589744
Turnigy Bolt 5400mAh 6S 22.8V 65~130C LiHV 1054 2108 2x=12S 5400 € 98.93 € 197.86 113.738140417457
SLS Quantum 4000mAh 12S1P 44.4V 65C / 130C SPLIT 1568 1568 1x=12S1p 4000 € 194.75 € 194.75 113.265306122449
Turnigy nano-tech 6600mah 2S2P 65 ~ 130C 432 2592 6x=12S2p 6600 € 35.79 € 214.74 113.055555555556
Turnigy grafene 6000mAh 6S LiPo 65C 1298 2596 2x=12S 6000 € 117.92 € 235.84 102.619414483821
Turnigy Bolt 5000mAh 4S 15.2V 65~130C LiHV 726 2178 3x=12S 5000 € 68.34 € 205.02 101.928374655647
Turnigy Graphene 6000mAh 4S 65C Lipo 1075 3225 3x=12S 6000 € 87.63 € 262.89 82.6046511627907
Turnigy Graphene 5000mAh 4S 90C Hardcase Lipo 1037 3111 3x=12S 5000 € 76.14 € 228.42 71.3596914175506

Looks like smc wins hands down for the price/discharge rate and score just second for mAh/gr since Turnigy nano-tech 8400mAh 3S are first but costs more then double.

What you think? Do you have other recommendation? Let’s avoid the debate LiPo vs Li-ion since I’ve choose LiPo to make it sag less for a e-mtb build. However I’m interested to hear if anyone has used LiFePo4 and if they are really that better in terms of lifecycle/true discharge rate

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I was planning on using som turnigy graphene 3s 5000mah 45c’s on account that they seem less prone to fires…

Get Turnigy 2 x 6S 6Ah 65C or 4 x 3S 6Ah if height is a problem… I am riding them daily and have over 1k miles on them and they still are great only ~10% capacity loss plus tons of current


I’ve updated the list and ordered by mAh/gr
however I did not included the 6Ah initially for the weight.

My question here @DevinG and @Kug3lis and to all you is why you choose Turnigy grafene over other batteries, why are so popular given there are better options in the market considering price, weight and capacity for better discharge rate… I’ve not included the Multistar because bad reviews here, and I understand that word of mouth is a big factor in making up every people mind but given the spec there are better options then grafene/nano-tech. Here only @Namasaki I’ve read that use SMC why? Energy density is an important factor if you want to reduce weight as much as possible, price is second for me. I’ve updated the list ordering based on this.

For the best info on lipo batteries, I recommend outsourcing to the various R/C forums. They have been testing out batteries for years and there’s some brilliant minds behind the work.

This is a good topic specific to the Turnigy Graphene packs:


thanks for pointing it out. For sure are great battery maybe not the best in terms of energy density as stated in post #17 where the more conventional Whr/kg is used (Updating the list to reflect that) However how is factored the packs that have already a 2P configuration inside like the SMC or ZIPPY Flightmax for energy density calculation? They still weight less and provide more energy. Why not to choose packs with 2P?

The current output of graphenes is crazy… I have literally zero to none voltage sag even when running only 6Ah

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btw @Kug3lis I never had the chance to thanks you for your battery pcb :slight_smile:


I believe packs that are 2p internally are harder to balance. It’s like trying to balance 2 normal lipos in parallel through one connector, if that makes sense. So there’s a little more of a voltage difference between the cells in the 2p pack than if it was only 1p.

I’m actually not using SMC because I found out about them after my boards where already built. I’m using Turnigy 5ah 60C 2s hard packs. Five of them in series for 10s. They are compact and lightweight but only good for 10-14 miles on a street board

interesting… I’m tempted to try then and report back, but I don’t have a graphene to compare… actually I don’t even have board yet:)

It should be taken care during balanced charging isn’t it? The real important thing is the internal resistance of the pack if that is low it should get little unbalance during discharging.

Graphene /nano-tech are just commercial names there is nothing “special” as far as I know about them beside having good IR values. Disclaimer I’m not speaking from hands on experience, just what I’ve read so far, tell me if I’m wrong.

The cells in 2p get treated as one cell. I couldn’t find the original post but someone else mentioned it here

Maybe @Namasaki can explain it better?

Better to get 1p packs with high C rating. SMC supposedly has high quality 1p packs with very high C ratings.

The Turnigy packs that I’m using have been working well for me and they are fairly inexpensive.

That post by @Namasaki is what brought me here, I’ve read it all before at post #269 is mentioned but I found it strange to believe/understand. My understanding is every parallel pack (LiPo/Li-ion… you name it) get eventually unbalanced during discharge, and the job of the BMS is to balance them back by cycling discharge on the cells that has already reached the max V while charging the one still below max V (the so called constant current / constant voltage cycle). Every parallel pack is seen as one cell (it’s the definition of parallel connection) the problem arise if there is no balance lead to the positive terminals but this is rarely seen in commercial pack and it’s definitively not the case for smc looking at the pictures.

Sure better a 1p then 2p but if the 2p pack can deliver more Whr per kg with comparable C rating why not? Edit: Actually I’ve just realized they have both options 1p and 2p with almost identical specs: 6S1P Hard Case 7.2Ah 6S2P Hard Case 7.4Ah I wonder why they do it, but of course, in this case better 1p for just 200mA difference

I’ve been obsessed with getting a new 21700 cell like the Samsung 40T, but it’s easily $10-18 and spending $600-1000+ on a single 12s battery pack is seeming rediculous. I originally had thought if I would go with Lipo it would be a high end tattu build, but, can someone with more knowledge than me perhaps suggest a couple different cells for me? I’m building a Trampa HS11 with under mounted enclosure. It has 7 compartments, with 6 of them for lion/lipo. I was wondering what cells I could use for maybe a 12s1/2/4p build that would be crazy powerful and have great range. I don’t mind spending say… Up to $800, but that would be the max, and would much rather stay around $300-600. Any suggestions? Oh and it’d need to fit in this:

or I’d need to develop a slightly larger enclosure myself. The 7th, largest compartment is for the DieBieBMS, and 2 ESCape’s with dual enclosure that I plan on mounting so the fins are exposed as they are meant to be, for optimum cooling. Please, any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

I plan on running dual 6384’s, but I may increase that to a 4WD build at some point, with Trampa Gummies, and their larger pneumatic wheels, and am using the fatboy gear drive system with a 1:3 reduction at 170kv. Hope that helps! Thank you!

I’ve updated the initial list with just batteries with >65C and I’ve added the Bolt battery that seems performing well on the test made by the folks at rcgroups. I’ve realized that power density is inversely proportional to energy density and you can’t have both and are difficult to “weight” these factors in real ride time. But I do care about weight and range so this is the reason of this topic, to make real world comparison beyond spec numbers. I plan to use it on 20%/30% inclines so I need high discharge battery that sag little & have range. Since you can’t have both let’s see which one is going to perform best.

omg you are in every thread!

why not the 26650 then ? They seems cheaper with higher discharge rate.

You seem to know your stuff about Lipos so I’m sticking on focus of the best Lipo for 12S but asking a question a little different. My understanding is you multiply the C rating by capacity to get max amps. So for the linked pack in a series am I understanding correctly that it would be 12s with a max amp draw of 240amps?

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also wondering if anyone has used 2 of these in series for a build if they are worth looking into? woops ignore didnt realise how old the thread was sorry