The Best Wireless Remote?

I’m looking for what is considered to be the best wireless hand controller. It’s the last part of my build and I honestly want something that looks good, feels good, fits in the pocket and isn’t as reliable as a chocolate teapot.

The Winning Mini Remote is more or less exactly what I’m looking for but I’ve heard so many bad things that I’m more than slightly hesitant to get one.

I also see @onloop is bringing out the Enertion Nano X, seeing as everything else in my build is Enertion made, it makes sense but I’ve read a few comments about it being the Winning Remote dressed up in Enertion drag and therefore probably prone to the same issues with unreliability. Perhaps someone from Enertion, be it the AU or fancy new EU warehouse could shed some light on the matter.

I’ve also read that the gt2b is pretty much the dog’s bollocks, but I really don’t want to go for the trigger remote and the size is a little chunky. I want to be able to put it in my pocket without it being a pain in the ass.

FInally, the Nyko Kama and Wiiceiever really doesn’t tickle my pickle, once again I’ve heard it has problems with losing signal and dropping etc.

My biggest concern is flying off my board seeing as I live on the tiny island of Malta, their style of driving follows that of most southern European countries. This means the rules of the road are merely guidelines as opposed to actual rules and the drivers down here are among the worst I have ever encountered. So, if I were to be unceremoniously thrown off my board, there is a good chance I’d be crushed beneath the wheels of a manic-Maltese-automobile-psychopath’s car.

So, if anybody can make solid recommendations for a flawless thumb trigger remote, I’d be forever in your debt. For me, it’s quite an important aspect of my board so price isn’t really my biggest concern, i’d rather pay for quality than save some money (especially seeing as I’d probably be using it in the hospital after being thrown off my board).


Mini remote

Small, so no need to take it apart, spend more money on a mod…And reliable … Simple as that


Since we’re talking about remotes. Has anyone manage to trim off the bulky round part off the mini remote to make it able to put in your pocket? I haven’t opened mine up, so I’m not sure if I’ll be shaving some essential electronics or not.

I don’t think anything is too critical …just the steering input…might just have to hack one up lol

Chocolate teapot, dog’s bollocks, tickle my pickle… I appreciate your style man.

Mini Remote :slight_smile: Hands down! Sure… some things could be better… but it’s pretty good as it is.

Oh yeah… Unscrew the wheel…and dremel the nub off … Shouldnt effect it at all

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Ok couldn’t resist … Dremeled … Took like a minute

Mini remote is the most reliable with smoothest performance. You just have to get use to the trigger which imo, is much better than any thumb control.

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I did that also and put a sticker over the hole

Gt2b with one of the three mods for a proper form factor.

The Mini Remote is working with 2 batteries. Did anybody try to add li-ion batteries and a USB charger?