The Black Beauty 4WD Hub Build

I’ve been lurking in the forums for a while, reading and gaining knowledge into this whole esk8 thing. Having owned an evolve carbon GT I got a bit fed up with some of its short comings, so I started work on my own build with the assistance of some mates.

I wanted a board that I could get around with and climb any hills with my big ass on it, so I really wanted 4WD. This thing is gonna be all blacked out, wheels, trucks, deck, everything.

A rundown of the specs:

  • 5 Layer Maple Deck Sandwiched with 4 layers of carbon.
  • 4WD Hub Motors - 90kv, sensored and 90mm wheels (custom made)
  • VESC
  • 10S4P LG-HG2 Pack with custom BMS
  • G2TB Remote (The mini one)
  • Caliber II Trucks.
  • SLA 3D Printed housing, with seal for water resistance.

I think that’s about it that’s going into it. Work has commenced. Here’s a pic of the hubs my friend made for me, he’s a rocket scientist or something, not really sure what he does, haha. They fit onto standard trucks, so you don’t need to modify anything which is super handy to speed up my build.

I’ll document as I go through this process. Wish me luck!


subscribed ! this is gonna be insane !!


Thanks mate! I’m frickn excited as hell to get this bad boy built.

looks awesome! but I really think you need a bigger/more powerful battery. 4p hg2 can do about 60/80A which is only 15A to each motor. I’m sure it will still work, but this battery is going be a limiting factor.

Battery isn’t final as of yet, so may need to change this depending on how much draw these motors need.

This is sweet. Sub’d

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Go lipos for 4wd and maximum potential

Sick build. I’ve had a friend or two build 4wd hub motors boards and the packs I’ve built for them was a 12s6p stacked. So orientation is (2) 12s3p packs on top of each other

You’ll need a high parallel count for amps drawn.


Ur bms charging wise is 60ma per cell is that enough to properly balance each cell? Sorry not trying to derail this thread

I would use LiPo’s but they’re a little too explosive for my liking. May end up with A123 batteries or Panasonic 20700.

A123 then really good cells

Sweet… Good luck mate! Really interested to see how it goes.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

in what world are lipos more expensive than A123 cells?

He said explosive, which is still silly :slight_smile:

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Whoops :sweat_smile:

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Lipos are more dangerous than li ion and require more attention

OK< not arguing that point…but, if you take care of your li-ion packs (visual inspection, check each cell group voltage, check resistance, etc) you are not doing anymore work with a lipo. Arguably, you are doing less as you can tell the voltage of each cell with a hobby charger. Plus you get better AMP delivery that with a lion pack, on average.

I’m not saying lipos are better than li-ion, Im just saying they are good and scaring people with “explosive” talk may be a bit irresponsible. Lipos are easy and have great AMP delivery, way better than the majority of li-ion packs. Li-ion packs are pretty maintenance free, for a time, and perform pretty well but they are more expensive than lipos.


Ok that came off wrong I personally just feel like they require more maitenence but I’ve also never tried a bms and lipos

No worries. I have tried a BMS with lipos. It works well. That being said, my current lipo pack is 6s so I just use a balance charger. I am also running a Samsung 25r 10s3p pack a 30q 10s3p pack on the way. So I use both, I just dont want to see someone get the wrong idea bout lipos, they CAN be pretty awesome. They just require visual inspection and balance charging, but I do that ( and recommend everyone to) to my li-ion packs too.