The black sheep | mbs comp 95 | moded matrix 1st gen | Dual Sk8 6374 130KV | ATC motor mounts | 12S LiPo | Dual FOCBOX

This is my first real big post on this forum as well as being my first build so bear with me.

This board is far from being complete and will be in the making for the following months. Part list for now: -Dual enertion FOC box -Dual SK8 6374 130KV -MBS comp95 deck (will be reshaped and painted) -MBS matrix tucks 1st gen with axles turned down to 9.525mm -MBS all terrain wheels -custom mounts (to be done) -36t driven pulley -14t drive pulley -12s lipo battery to start -12s4p li-ion sony 2300mah 30A discharge (on order) -custom enclosure kaly style

By the parts you can probably guess I am aiming to build a board pretty similar to a kaly board while trying to save a bit of money, cuz lets face it I aint loaded!

This thread ia for me to keep a record of what I’ve done and to maybe help someone that will undertake a similar build in the future.

So far I’ve turned down the axles of my trucks on the lathe from 12mm to 9.525mm… It was a bigger challenge than anticipated

First i tried removing the axles that way. It worked for one then after stripping 2 nuts I made a tool to extract the axles IMG_20180622_173319 The tool IMG_20180623_092554

The removal process was the hardest. After that it was just a quick trip to the lathe and cuting new threads. Almost automagically it was done!

Before IMG_20180622_174357

After IMG_20180623_151626

All of this was to fit mbs all terrain wheels with special bearings. IMG_20180628_171954

So right now im waiting for parts.

Cant wait to hear what you guys think of my not so common choice of parts to build a kaly style board!


definitely keep this thread going. Inspiration, I need inspiration!

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No worrys i’ll keep it going for sure! I’ve ordered almost everything… last on my list is 15mm belts of unknown length and 13 or 14t drive pulleys

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Excited to see how this goes man!

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Thanks m8!

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Got a bit of time today and managed to strip the paint off my deck… Took longer than expected but so does most things in the esk8 world :wink:

I started off by pelling off the plastic cover that was on the top of the deck. IMG_20180704_154445

Then I sanded what was left with the orbital sander. IMG_20180704_160654

Now I just need to decide what I want to do for the top color. I am hesitant between going all black or doing a dark wallnut stain with a clear coat over it.

Lots of parts comming soon, motors, wiring and connectors were supposed to arrive today but i missed the ups guy… I’ll post a quick mock up when the parts arrive until then the parts hunt continues!


Currently designing my motor mounts and I am in the middle of deciding if I should run idlers like this… thoughts? idler%20pulley


So I’m still waiting for some parts but its getting there, in the next 2 weeks I should be able to have almost everything mounted on the board. Here’s a pic of a couple things I already have received IMG_20180709_125620:wink:


I’ll soon do a little trimming on my deck and I’m wondering if anyone has ever trimed a mbs comp 95 or any other mountain board of similar shape. If so whats the best way to go about it?.. I’ve drawn a rough sketch of the kind of cut I want to make, any comments are more than welcomed! IMG_20180709_132318


I have the same deck and will be doing the same to the nose/tail so i’m also looking for information/tips on the process.

I remember a MBS Birds build/deck that had a nose/tail job… @benjammin the MBS Comp birds build from last year was that yours or do you remember whos it was?
i did search but couldn’t find it :frowning:

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Nice to see we are heading in the same direction. Best idea I have for now is to CAD my deck and do a template for cutting the exact shape I want.

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Think il be hand cutting a few templates of the tip i will fold them in half and cut both at the same time for symmetry, il do a few variants then use the one i like the look of the most as the template for cutting the actual deck.

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Actually a great idea I’ll give it a try tonight

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Yep, that was mine :slightly_smiling_face: Just had to notch the corners out a little to make room for the drive.



How did you do it? Templates or just eye balled it?

Yeah, I just kinda eyeballed it. Sorry I don’t have a better photo handy. Pretty much what you have drawn above without shaving the tip off.

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Two questions. one are those added cap banks?


and two, build thread i couldn’t find it you got a thread :link: so i can have a re-read?

Yes, I added cap banks. May not have been necessary though. A lot of Max6 builds without, but my battery leads are pretty long. Was getting some stuttering at speeds without.


I also took a cue from @benjammin and notched my Comp 95 deck. I just mounted everything up and marked where the pulleys/belts hit the deck then cut sections out with a hack saw and some files. Ended up cutting about 3/4" out of each side of the tail, IIRC. This is the best photo I could find showing the cut out. 20170916_181721


I just made templates yesterday,I’ll post them later today

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