The Board Tech's First Build!

First off I’d like to thank @longhairedboy and @psychotiller for their help. LHB is the main reason I was able to finish this when I did. I’d also like to thank everyone else who has been sending me their VESCs for repair, because you guys are the reason this was possible for me!

So here’s the parts list

-Racerstar 200kv Motors x2 -Samsung 25R 18650 x50 -Psychotiller Surfrodz TKP Trucks -Psychotiller Motor Mounts -Orangutan Yellow Nipples (I like em hard) -ABEC 11 107mm Superflys -Arbor Dropcruiser Deck -Enertion Nano X TX/RX -Enertion FOCBOX x2 -DIY Pulleys and belts -Kydex enclosure that looks good from about 60 to 70 feet away -LHB’s awesome battery pack creating abilities -LHB’s other special abilities :wink:

Total Cost… why do you think I started a VESC repair business

I think that’s everything

Yeah yeah, I’ll buy some Totally Bitchin’ 190kv 6355’s from LHB eventually

Anyway, here are some pictures


Make sure to be careful on those trucks…tkp’s do wobble at moderate speeds…I have a blood stain in front of my house from someone testing a board just like that…


Thanks for the heads up! I swapped the bushings out, so they wobble less now. I also noticed putting more weight on the front truck mitigates the wobbles if they start

This looks really clean! Nice work brotha

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Changing the truck angles will help a lot…reduce the rear angle most importantly…there are drop through mounting wedges available…and Surfrodz also makes adjustable baseplates or use too. I haven’t felt a wobble on a eskate yet, and I wouldn’t even want to have the chance to tame it…best to just avoid them altogether through geometry…

some of these would help a lot more than bushing tuning:

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These would most likely lower my board some though is the main problem. Unfortunately if it’s lowered any at all the motor mounts and enclosure will scrape

Is it just me or should you mount the pullies on the motor a different direction with the set screw protrusion towards the sides. :face_with_monocle:

If flipped around the set screws may not get good purchase on the shaft.

The way I have it was the best way I could position everything to fit those motors. There may be a way to set it up like that though if I moved everything around.

Like @Idle said, it’s not good for the motor. I repositioned mine when I first ran into a problem like that, but if it’s too much of a pain I guess you can just leave it like that. :jack_o_lantern:

I think the issue was the motor mounts were already all the way to the edge of their mountable space on the trucks, so flipping them around didn’t allow the belt to ride fully on the wheel pulley. I sorted all those details out months ago and finally had the time to finish it recently, so my reasoning is a bit foggy haha.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been looking into those wedges, I’ll have to sort out how I’m going to raise the board’s rise height later. So I’m assuming when I get these, I’d was to have the taller end of the wedge facing the inside of my board or would it be the opposite for TKP trucks?

You can figure this out, I trust in you! think it out, mock it up, measure it and do some trial and error…it’s easy…

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better flip the motor pulleys. Mounted like that your motor-shaft will suffer too much bending momentum.

The Ollin Revolver Motor mont even uses a bearing to brigge the gap between pulley and motor: