The board that shall not be named | Globe Deck | Slant Trucks | R-SPEC motors | Enertion Mounts | 12S | VESC

This is version 2.0 and it’s a million times better than my initial build. Custom made 12s4p battery (2x 6s in series) made from Samsung 25R. Hand built fiberglass enclosure for all the electronics. Modified GT2B controller, to fit in case from eBay. The deck was sanded down and repainted to orange. Had to modify the trucks quite a bit to get the Enertion motor mounts to fit right. Wish I’d have known there was other people making mounts when I bought mine. Could have saved a ton of hassle. I don’t like the idea of a BMS I don’t trust it to work and there is no way to know if it’s working until it breaks. So I balance charge each battery every time. I’ve heard some say this is a hassle but the way I installed the balance leads to the case it’s not a hassle at all and only adds like 5 seconds to the charging process. And it gives me peace of mind to monitor each cell during charging. I went with 12s4p for my batteries because I will be riding to work and it’s 8 miles each way and I’d like to not have to charge at work if I can avoid it. So with 10,000mAh I should be able to achieve this. I think it works out to about 480Wh so yeah power to spare I hope. And the torque from the dual motors is just badass. Still relatively new to the whole building skateboards and such but I think this build came out quite awesome.


I love it, way to boy scout the hell out of the enclosure.