The Budget Campus Cruiser | Dual Flipsky 4.20 | 10s2p Samsung 20R

Hi guys, first of all I want to thank you guys for this amazing forum. I did a lot of reading to learn myself all the needed knowledge to build a board.

I actually finished this build a while ago and posted to reddit. I think now I should make a topic here to gather suggestions and seek help from you guys when problems occur :grin:

Yeah I know I use a death trap from DIYeboard. I’m looking to replace it with caliber 2 and some 6355s when I have the $$ :disappointed_relieved:

Parts list:

Ownboard: 30” deck + enclosures + 4.0Ah battery. DIYeboard drive train - front and back trucks with motors. ABEC11 83mm Flywheels. Flipsky dual 4.20. Mini remote with receiver.



So now I’m having problem with the battery pack from Ownboard. The BMS went bad I think. It won’t power on unless I plug the charger in. I’ve already contacted them and they’re sending the replacement BMS to me. image

Meanwhile I want to tinker with it a bit. Now (2) is connected to (3) on the BMS, and (1) is the negative wire to the xt60. So now if I connect (1) and (2) directly I should bypass the discharge protection of the BMS right? I think I can use the pack again since the charge function seems to be alright.

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To bypass the bms you need to connect the battery negative wire straight to the esc negative wire. do not short the wires across the bms, I feel like that won’ tend very well.

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Thanks. I just did what I said above and it worked. I guess that’s how the BMS limit the discharge current

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Does anyone know how to remove this silver metal part from the esc enclosure? It seems to be glued on with silicon glue image