The Cave Johnson Special (First Build!) | Moose blank deck | Trampa Infinity spring trucks | Dual sk3 6374 190kv | 10s5p | Dual FOCboxes | A lot of 3D printing

“Science isn’t about WHY, it’s about WHY NOT!” - C. Johnson

Wow, it’s been more than a year since I started this! Hope everyone likes the result:

I started this project wanting to make an evolve clone and things quickly got out of hand from there. I wanted something that would work well almost anywhere and also have a slightly steampunkish vibe. Dunno if I succeeded in that but I do think it came out pretty stylish!

Build photos!

My first truck wedge prototypes. I still have them and they work, but I was able to lower the profile a bit. Once again, a huge thanks to @SimosMCmuffin!

New prototype, early fail:

Printed on its side it holds up much better:

Never again let it be said that mountain-board trucks and flat decks don’t go together! More build porn coming soon!


When 3d print becomes art…


Nice!! Love the wheel guards and led’s. Is that an air intake under your board?

Yep! It gets above 40°C in the summer where I live, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Sweet! Is there a guard to filter debris?

Not yet, but I have some filter material for electrical cabinet cooling fans. I can cut a proper sized piece and just slide it in.


Georgous harks back to an era of ‘carriage’ building on automobiles, the fenders are really nice

Kudos sir

More build photos! Enclosure courtesy of @psychotiller. It turned out to be a little too short to hold the battery and vescs so I printed a central section and fused the pieces together using abs glue.


Airscoops for the vescs:


How are those sk3 190kv motors ? Any good ? About to do second build with 10s lipo and was thinking about these motors

So far they’ve been great. They’re simple, strong and reliable. These are about the simplest good motors you can get- not the fanciest, no sensors or sealed can, they have zero bells and whistles. But what they do, they do very well. My only real complaint about them is the weight. A pair of these weigh about 1.7 kg (3.4 pounds), that’s a lot for any board! If you don’t have very steep hills in your area and you’re not planning on doing crazy offroading, I’d suggest getting something slightly smaller and saving yourself some weight.

This thing looks bad ass

Is there is stl for the mudguards – I would pay for the file!

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I don’t mind sharing the files, just know that the rear set had to be designed specifically for my mount, so they might not work for yours. The front set should be fine. You still want them?

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What material was the angled risers made from?

I used asa-x, which is like abs but considerably stronger, and it’s more uv resistant. More expensive too. You can probably manage with regular abs though, just be sure to check your design and print it on its side.

I’m really wanting to get some carbon fiber reinforced nylon. I think that would do the trick!

It certainly would, but you would also need a hardened steel nozzle on your hotend. Asa-x can use a regular brass one without any trouble.

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Cutest build I’ve seen on here, really nice job :slight_smile:

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