The Cheap Chinese eboard Thread

The title says it all.

I’ll kick off with this one:

Someone send this dude a Raptor dual.

Saw this on YouTube today. Single hub motor… Not sure how great that is

I really need to contribute to this post, just found another new variant today.

Whoa!! 4wd !! In one of the pics, it shows the controller and it looks exactly like the Enertion 2.4Ghz controller without the silicon cover .
@trbt555 I can almost smell the marijuana in the air on that video, LOL! A raptor would blow this dude’s mind!!

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I-Wonder if it works?

I-WONDER CE Certified 24" 1200W 24V/4.4AH/8.8AH Lithium Battery Remote Control SK-A Portable Electric Skateboard

For people that need more carbon in thier diet

3000Watt Brushless carbon fiber Electric Skateboard, Offroad Electric Skateboard

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“If I give it like, two or three good pushes, and then I hit go, It actually works really well”

“And you know, it goes over 10 mph”

I was dying watching that one, lol. Props to an e-board for under $350, didn’t know if that was even possible.

This ones cheap… but im not sure if its crappy. seems like if youre under 150 pounds it might be okay

That’s because Enertion’s controller is just a rebranded generic Chinese controller. Also sold by Carvon if I’m not mistaken. You’ll see it pop up all over Alibaba if you dig a bit deeper.

yeah ! chinese products are cheap . i’m still waiting for users review . dont tell us some eboard suddenly caught fire !

i sent them a request for discount if i order 10pieces . they declined . heaven or hell ; the minimum order is 30pieces . in the end they offered me 1 complete set for USD$780 (i guessed , couldnt remember) + USD$200 (estimated shipping costs) .

look ; if i ordered just ONE (or 30pcs to sell it in singapore) ; by the time it arrives at my door step in about ONE or THREE MONTHs ? a NEW PRETTIER & SICKER looking carbon fibre design will POP UP from their factory , that i dont like .

That’s why you have fake carbon fiber decals for the board…just stick them on…and you are ahead of the game

i believe it IS carbon fibre . i challenged them to with hold my money with CITIBANK until i see & thoroughly inspect the products ; and they AGREED ! theres a CONSUMER PROTECTION in play in ALIBABA > you can tell the CITIBANK to just keep your money until it arrived and you are fully in control of the situation . but you need to read all the details . and contact CITIBANK and ALIBABA .

Not sure if these guys count for this thread… Don’t know anything abt them…but the have the price point for consumers right…

Yada yada yada. “We believe what we have here is a game changer” LOL how stereotypical can you get ? The video doesn’t highlight their unique selling points at all. You can bet your a$$ they’re just assembling Chinese crap. They can’t even spell their own company name right in the video.

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Bro…the wheels are BLUE…Come ON!

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Not four wheel drive. Four wheeled skateboard.


HAHAHA!! Good point! If they can’t spell their name right, they might as well just stop now and file for bankruptcy :grinning:

See it’s dolts like me that miss that … Where is it misspelled?

Looks like the video is no longer available. “This Video Has Been Removed By User” Weird.