The cheapo board

Ok, so my brother wants to get an acton board like the blink which looks sorta meh to me. I’m trying to convince him to do a diy type thing. his budget is 300 bucks. he can make a deck himself and can get the wheels and trucks for free or very low prices. I will be letting him use my lipo charger. I also plan to 3d print the spur gear with petg. Let me know what u guys think, if I’m missing anything, etc. Here is a list of parts I rounded up in like half an hour. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/265mm-htd5-12mm-belt/diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/16t-htd5-motor-pulley-12mm/

going to use 2 batteries in parallel so it adds up to be roughly 285 usd.

go collect $30 worth of cans and get a vesc instead. that way at some point he can just upgrade to 10s battery and have really nice board. also need an enclosure.

and where do you get free wheels and trucks? I want some! :joy:


Enclosures can be 3d printed by me for just a few bucks and my brother knows a guys who is into longboarding and has heaps of stuff that he will sell for really cheap or trade for some stuff my brother has.

also are there any places you can get vesc’s for less than a hundred bucks? without a groupbuy?

printed enclosure take forever but yea… get an .8mm nozzle! so fast!

and I would post here in the wanted section to see if anyone has a used vesc. usually around $80…

yep on amazon type vesc

Link? and i want one with all the wire, no bare boards that I need to source everything for :slight_smile:

Yeah well I dont mind the time really, I mean its not like I sit there watching my printer. and I’m decent at cad so a custom design is no problem

checkout my video. I build a repectable esk8 for under $200.

yeah I saw that video, seems good, but I’m not sure if I want to be doing that amount of metalworking with the gears because I dont have a drillpress or metal bits, but a good video overall. do you think there is anything that could be changed on my list tho? maybe swap the esc for one a bit better? idk.

you said you had a 3D printer… you can just print the gears… you’re already one up on me.

personally I prefer the 150A ESC because I know its tried and true and wont blow up on me randomly. the VESC does have battery upgrade potential but I really never feel the need for more than 6S… the 12S board I built is a freakin rocket… its way too fast for me…

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could I print the pinion gear? im sorta scared the motor would rip it apart