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"The Clean Machine" / 28" Custom Board / CarvON dual Motors / Dual VESC / Custom Made 12s Lipo

Hey guys, I’ve officially started my next build, code name “The Clean Machine”.

The plan is to use the vesc for its smoothness and opensourceness.

I will also cnc mill the deck which will house all the parts using an x-carve.

Below is my work so far. Obviously, I messed up some math some where as the truck bolt holes are not centered with the main compartment.

The goal is to create a clean looking, fully integrated deck.

I am building a headlight/taillight system to use with the vesc.

I also am creating a centralized air flow system for the vesc. Air will pull out of both sides of the trucks on the front of the board through air intakes, and go through the center where the vesc’s will be mounted, and out the back around both sides of the trucks.

The air intakes will double as places to run the cables.

The battery will consist of 2 cells put slot back to back, and there are 6 slots on the outer part of the board, for a total of 12 cells at 5000 mAh.

Total deck size will be 711 mm (28 inches) by 222 mm (8.75 inches), with a thickness of 65 mm (2.55 inches).

I will update this thread when progress is made.


looks sweet so far!

I feel like an xcarve would be an awesome investment for building this kind of stuff… I’ve always liked wood themed eboards.

Nice! Let us know how you set up those headlights and taillights with the vesc. Are you going to turn it on and off with the remote? If so, that is awesome.

That would be ideal. I would love to make a tutorial on how to do it. I need to figure it out my self lol. I know C, so I just need to find more documentation on what the VESC functions are.

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for what its worth you can get headlight/tail light indicator kits that will plug and play with standard RC receiver if you are using a GT2B

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Will be awesome to incorporate a bell/whistle/horn to alert passersby. Metro-Board’s remote control has this feature but I haven’t seen in DIYers yet.