The Colateral: Moonshine sidekick 35" | Surfrodz 176mm | Blue Caguamas

Hello guys, this electric skateboard building addiction is getting out of hand so in order to be able to sleep at nights I decided I neeeded to make another e-board :pensive:

I just finished today and I’m in love. I already had several boards an eMTB (The Pho3nix), a grab-mall board (The Biohazard) ,a brand board with hubs (Raptor 2), a fast board (The Darth Maul), so this one is the kicktail board (The Colateral) because “cola” means kicktail in spanish :hushed:

I wanted a very fast board, with a deck which is stable at high speeds, shorter than the Raptor, comfortable to ride anywhere, not as heavy as 37" board and with a kicktail, so everything came down to this Colateral.

Now that I’ve just ridden it for the first time I know these are the next upgrades:

  1. Change the motor pullies from 15T to 18T, the speed was lame
  2. Upgrade my batteries from 10s4p to12s4p, need to finish the DS enclosure
  3. Paint the green border on the deck to black
  4. Change the color of the led power button switch to a blue

These is my current top speed calculation, not a good combination, I need more speed, at least 32MPH. image

So after the upgrade I should be getting this: image

Here are some pictures of the build process hope you guys like it, I went through so many issues, so this might help anyone looking for a kicktail board:

The first challenge was to look for 35" kicktail deck with acceptable wheelbase, nothing came close to the Moonshine Sidekick, so I placed the order on Muir:

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Then, manufacture an enclosure that could hold a 10S4P battery, 2 Focboxes a BMS with room for wires:

6874b513-c36c-4b03-99dd-4e11f222bed3 image

However, when I test fitted the enclosure I ran into another issue, the motor mounts were too close to the ground and if I turned them towards the deck, they will hit the enclosure wire covers on full leans:

So I had to completely redesign the enclosure and moving it towards the nose, I’m happy I did that, the look is more sleek and there is no clearance issues anymore:

The battery was another challenge, I used this method to creat 1S4P safe packs:

I had to get creative and came up with these two 1S4Ps

Here is the final 10S4P battery:

I wanted the Boa Hatchlings pretty bad but they are still very difficult to get, so I was offered to upgrade to 100mm constrictors, nevertheless, this was a mistake, they were too big for this deck it, I didn’t like the look of them:

I already had the Biohazard with 85mm caguamas, they were a bit hard, not very comfortable to ride them on rough pavement, so as soon as I knew software Caguamas were out I jumped and placed the order directly from Orangatang, they gave me a much better look:

For this esk8 I wanted to have really nice trucks with some rake so I went with Surfrodz 176mm, the problem was fit them with motor mounts and keep hanger as short as possible, just enough to fit 2 6355 motors, so I had to addapt @torqueboards mounts and put the hangers in the lathe and use grub screws to hold them in place:

I always liked the look and convenience of having a switch on the top, I hate everytime I need to turn my Raptor upside down just to turn on/off the board off, soil my hands, so I placed the switch on the nose just over thw center of the baseplate:

I ran the wires through the deck and the Riptide tunnel risers:

1dafce9b-c8c3-424c-83d1-72322ddda50f e1b6fe33-187e-4e12-b040-c5f8993ceb92

So after everything was installed, I regripped the deck with Vicious, best griptape ever:

Some pictures of the board:

I’ll update the progress as I go forward with the project.

Thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:


that’s so pretty, maybe wack some silicon end protectors on it to protect the pretty paint

Nice build :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: One question to the battery pack. Why you connected the positive terminals first on the taps and a second time on the top of the cells? Wouldn’t it be enough just to bend the nickel strip up the cell and than connect all of them?

I had bad experiences with bent nickel strips to connect P-Groups, they tend to brake due road vibrations, besides you need 4 nickel strips to withstand the current flow, restriction between P-Groups could cause cell drifting and heat accumulation, so it’s much better to use silicone wire.


The enclosure is meant to be scratched :fork_and_knife: , it’s just pretty before the first ride for the picture. You can always detail it with sand paper and spray paint


true dat, I’m talking about the nose and tail so you can stand it up on concrete and shiz and the ends are protected

Sorry I think I wrote it maybe a bit unclear. I was referring to the nickel connection in one of your p-packs. There is a nickel to connect the positive terminals directly on the terminals and one on the top of your cells. image

Wouldn’t be the top nickel strip enough?


In fact, yes it is enough, it’s even better for cell level fusing but I don’t think they will represent any harm, it might even help with current flow between paralleled cells.


Just was wondering if there is a deeper thought in it :sweat_smile: ok thx!

:open_mouth: Got any pics of that? You made the surfodz round?

That deck looks really good!

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That is a really really nice looking board man, thank you for making a post about it I feel like I’m not the only one who I would say benefited from seeing something fresh like that.


Stop building things right now my wallet is going to leave me. Or the wife or both. Another beautiful creation my friend.


Your battery building is like an art form. I was wondering whom would be the first to use the blue Caguamas!


This look amazing is this the final prototype for the enclosure…I love it dude…I looks alot slimmer then the first proto you sent me …

Sorry in advance, just PM’d you… had some questions and they just kept coming and got a little carried away but really appreciate any advice and help you can give/share with me. Thanks in advance!

Damn bro, once again you’ve set the standard for esk8 quality! Those blue cagumas are freaking dope! Bkb just came out with the tayto, is that a possible option also?


Enclosure wise? The regular jet enclosure already fits. Wheel wise, yes should fit without wheel bite

Yes, the enclosure for the spud is backwards compatible with the Tayto from bkb :slight_smile:

Right, but do you think the tayto competes with the moonshine? Have you tried the tayto?