The common Chinese ESCs... LOW MED HIGH settings, how they work?

I am using one of the common Chinese ESCs in a dual hub motor board I built for my little girls. I also ride it myself from time to time. It works fine for what it is. Using two 5s lipos in series, BTW. Always balance charged.

It has a LOW, MED, and HIGH speed setting, and I was curious how these work? Are they current limiters? I wonder this because the launch intensity is softer as you go to lower settings, and the hill climbing speed drops off in the lower settings, at least with my 200lb weight. This leads me to believe that the settings are current limiters. Maybe there is an RPM limiter in the firmware too, as I feel like I get torque cutouts once reaching certain speeds on the flats.

I am not looking to get anything more or less out of this board than what it is. It’s more just the technical side of me is curious how the Chinese ESCs firmware logic works in the reduced settings.


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I’ve had 2 different forms of low, med, hi settings on generic Chinese escs:

  1. limits amps/erpm. This just flattens the throttle curve so low has lower accel AND top speed. I feel this is the most common way.

  2. I just got a leafboard that had a econo, sport, and pro mode. This one limits the acceleration curve but the top speeds are not limited at all.

If it’s being set from a remote, it may just be remapping the ppm signal to mock the slower modes.