The Conqueror e-MTB | Samsung 12s6p 30Q | Dual TB 6380 - 170kv | Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Plus | 1:3 Spur Gear | Hybrid

I came to this forum originally having an idea of what I wanted not knowing DIY capabilities, as I learned more and now I have an idea of what I actually want. I also finally have the capability (aka job, kinda) to build my first board, I been waiting for awhile, gonna update the thread as I buy/receive the parts and maybe you can help me make informed decisions on which ones take longest to ship (first to buy after the deck). Hopefully I can complete it all within the next 1.5-2 months (Big goal + dream of mine).


  • Motors: Dual Torqueboards 6380 motors 170kv
  • ESC: Flipsky dual FSESC 6.6 PLUS
  • Deck: Fully assembled Trampa
  • Battery: 12s6p Samsing 30q (most likely going to be built using the solderless NESE modules)
  • Enclosure: Not sure yet but some waterproof box (will be top mounted) that can hold a 12s6p battery and the ESC and other electronics
  • @3dservisas FatBoy Mini Drive Train v2 1:3 for Trampa Spring Trucks
  • BMS: BesTech D140 12s charge only
  • Remote: Flipsky VX1 2.4Ghz

Prices (all items on same website + combined shipping cost):

  • Fatboy Mini Drive Train v2 1:3 – $365 – Arrived
  • Batteries + shipping – $242 – Ordered
  • Remote + ESC + shipping – $343
  • Motors + shipping – $280
  • NESE Battery modules + Extras + shipping – $211
  • BMS – $35
  • Full Deck + shipping – $892
  • Charger (5A) + charge port + Other charging parts – TBD
  • Enclosure – TBD

Grand Total = Over $2368 - compared to 1800$ onewheel, evolve, 1600$ boosted stealth, etc. prebuilts I much rather take on a extra hundreds of dollars for the performance and range I will be getting.

I think that is all I need to complete the build at minimum. I hope to add a bluetooth module, speedometer, and RGB lights after completion.

I have been doing lots of research lately trying to figure out the specifics of my build and trying to minimize and mistakes beforehand and get the performance I want out of it down to the last detail. I hope there aren’t any weak links in this system. I seriously don’t want to end up without any brakes going down a hill at 30 mph.

Note: I am a noob and not an expert and do not have a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering.

Hopefully everything works out as planned and it comes out as a beast. Won’t update this main post with me actually building it for a few weeks till I get rolling with more than just the deck which I hope to order within the week. Sorry for the long ass read.


No flipsky does not come with a anti spark

Tb motors come with a male to female adapter and the adapter has a hole in specifically for this purpose image

You are using 12s with 6373 motors and a ratio which gives good torque…it will be insane the acceleration and power you get doesn’t matter about you weight .

Here is a esk8 calculator (there are some other calculators on the forum)

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I say start with deck

and once you find a battery box buy the battery as if this is your first time building one , it does take some time

The rest of the build is good though I think it’s pretty solid and will have serious torque and an ok top speed

Just make sure to use idlers as with 14 teeth you won’t get enough teeth in the mesh without an idler

Yeah I am getting mounts with idlers

What I was going to do since it is the most expensive part, the rest are all a fraction of what the whole deck/board costs and a fraction of the whole build. Making a fraction of the entire build go away making it seem more attainable. Downside is waiting longer on the parts that come from china or have long ship times. Guess it’s a tradeoff though. The nkon battery website I will probably source the 30qs says it could take up to 3 weeks to ship so… not sure how often that happens though.

Would I use another 6 sets of 5.5mm bullits set for (unknown wire guage size) wires to connect them over a longer distance? Or different size? Or the 5.5mm are fine?

This has been giving me weird numbers lately. This is what I used to see the calculated speeds but I am not sure how well it will actually translate into into the build and real world. Like how accurate are the numbers? The range section is giving me false range estimates. Like 15 miles for a 700+ watt hour battery? This is why I am unsure of the desired speed.

Do you think I can achieve 35 mph?

Top speed and range depends on wheels

What are you using?

You would need a spot welder to attach together 2 wires unless you use these bullet adaptors

the wires are 12awg which is 5.5mm for the ends

The wheels are going to be 125mm gummies for street riding

Would using the 5.5mm adapters on 10 AWG work as well since I am using like ~2 ft extension? Put the 5.5 on the motor wires, ext wires, and viola it works?

Yes you would need to buy some more adapters though if you don’t have a spot welder

Do you have a solder at least

I will shoe you a diagram a bit later of what you have to do

I am going to buy one

The dual 6.6+ comes with a reliable antispark

Guess it could work for 30$ more, eh thought it was relatively new though.

Drive train arrived, looking sexy. Wish I could already put these things to work. Expecting the batteries on Monday, and hopefully be able to buy the ESC and remote next week.


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