The cooling shell FOR VESC4.12!

Hello, everyone I designed a shell for my VESC4. check it out~

*All components are original

1.Small size(824618MM) 2.Fit the original VESC4 3.With mounting holes 4.You can customize the tag(>50 pieces)

20181204_215511 20181204_215715 20181204_215834 20181204_215551 20181204_215913 20181205_112514 20181205_112610 20181205_112715

Hardware 4.12 Firmware 3.40

Prices $120 -------one VESC4 with shell $40 ---------shell only $90--------VESC4 only

Free shipping Globally~!


‎240 amps???


This is the peak current~~

Best not spam that all over it then. Continuous is the safer advert really. 50 amps.


Yeah, looks like 50a is more what you get out as continues. Same values for the Flipsky case. 50continues 240 peak

Hi, changed the titel to want to sale, that everybody directly understand what you want.

Free shipping would be world wide?

YES, world wide~

Completely off topic, but are there any Esk8 related shops in Hong Kong? I’ll be there 19th-24th and would be interested in checking them out.

You really like to change the titles these days…


Gives him a feeling of infinite cosmic power!!!




Is your vesc any different than Hobbyking/flipsky/maytech ?

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I was there in July and it is difficult to even find longboard shops. If nothing changed since I last checked electric skateboard are not allowed on the streets there. Best bet to buy anything diy esk8 is taobao, however I don’t know how if you can have them ship a hotel but I think some courrier services deliver to collection points like convenience stores. There are many hobby RC shops in Mongkok close to the night market and for electronics and tools you could probably head to Sham Shui Po, the shops are right outside of the train station’s exit.


@YUTW123 do we meanwhile have some real life values which show how much current this vesc could handle? Still a bit confused, the label says 240a, the description on the website says 150a peak and 50a const.

Also could you give a short explanation what’s the main difference between the hw 4.12 and hw 4.4. if i‘m not wrong the vesc you sell is hw 4.4, right?

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I am sorry for the confusion of this logo. The original version of Benjamin’s official 4.12 hardware is installed inside the shell. The continuous current is 50a (may be higher because there is a heat sink). Maximum 240a