The cost of an electric skateboard

Hello everyone and merry Christmas!

I recently got “bored” and decided to make a full build list for “fun”.

Then it hit me “damn electric skateboards are really fucking expensive” but at the same time I thought “this sounds like way too much. Where is the mistake?”. But after looking on all the cost I came to the conclusion that there were no mistakes…

So I have recently bought all the parts to build an electric skateboard and I’ve spent about $2000 on a single drive with 10S6P and a VESC including spot welder, car battery and tools (didn’t have any at the beginning).

So after comparing this with my full build list were no tools are included only parts, it seems way too expensive. It even seems way to expensive if we just look at the “Without shipping, taxes and optional” price.

And that I have to pay $214 in taxes is just insane. I live in Denmark were the import tax is 25% of the price of the items and $25 to the danish post office (Post Nord) for handling the package.

The worst part is that there is no way to get around that crazy expensive handling fee. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO IMPORT PACKAGES INTO THE COUNTRY!!!

Okay, back on track.

Does $2300 (with taxes, shipping and wire, connectors etc.) or $1800 (only parts) seem like too much or is it pretty average? I would really appreciate if you shared the amount you have spent, what you have built and where you live.

After looking on a lot of build threads, it seem like the same parts on a board made in Europe is around 25% more expensive than if it was made in the US. The reason for that is TAXES!!! THAT’S INSANE!!!


And again, merry Christmas everyone!


My first build was about 500 dollars in parts, but i went threw around 1000 with all the stuff i broke (Chinese shit) and tools


Nice build list. Quality parts. Well done on google sheet. 25% more to build esk8 in EU… crazy. I can see it when comparing price of ABEC 107s between US and EU prices.

The nano gear drive on tayto will be amazing. It seems like you are making your own battery. Imagine if you didn’t build and had to buy one.

My first build in parts was $1600-1700 mainly using TB parts.


I think I could build my board again for USD1000, which was my budget. 10s3p, Unity, dual 6354

But once you factor in mistakes, unexpected one off tools, and annoying little bits and pieces (loctite, connectors, hardware etc)…



I think its fairly accurate. Alot of money for first time builders is spent on the tools and breaking stuff and having to replace it with higher quality parts.

You can go all out and drop even more money if you want to go crazy. I think “bugdet builds” can clock in just under $1000 for high quality stuff and I’ve seen builds go up to around $2500.

It all depends on what you want and how you want to build it.

But that’s the beauty of DIY. With production boards, you get whatever they are selling. You want a better set of motors? Nope!

With DIY you can go as far as you want or as cheap as you want (within limits)


That 25% is normal. We pay in Belgium 21% on the price of the amount on the package. Also the post ask around 20-30euro administration fee on each package that is above 21euro.

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Unity = 250 Dual 6354 drive train = 30(trucks)+40(wheels)+170(motors)+150(pulleys & motor mounts) = 390 Battery = 170 Deck, enclosure = 150 And some more…

That’s $960 excl. shipping, extras (bolts etc.) That’s at least $500 less than the build I put together but how is it possible? I feel like something went wrong in the prices above but it also seems realistic. At the same time it seems way too cheap compared to my build list and what parts you got.

I just don’t get it…

Edit: Actually it seems realistic. Only a $500 difference is actually not that much compared to all the extras you get in the build I made (bushings, bearings etc.)

Yeah i don’t wanna know.
Hopefully under $2000 on my first build lol.


My board is a dual 12s4p and was over 1800. It seems like an average price for quality parts.


You all might shoot me - I’ve never spent more than $1500 on a board. In fact, I spent 1500 on my mountainboard and other than that I’ve never spent more than 900 on a board. It’s all a matter of waiting for the right deals to come along


This is true :grin:


another prime example of how it costs more to spend less


Nice build! I’m also bulidng a tayto with nano drive right now :joy::joy:. But I’m using 6365 motors. Good luck man!


To quote the immortal words of the Famous @b264

Every deck you buy will cost you $2000


Yeah but who really cares. We love building and riding them - worth every penny!


Not me, but the only thing stopping me building 24/7 is that cost tbh.


Well yeah if you don’t have unlimited money you can’t keep building. I love building as much as riding and wish I had both time and money to do more.

The only problem for me is you lot keep making insane new things that makes my mouth water!


I’m planning on building a electric skate board in the start of 2019. These are the parts i think i’ll be using. For me the total price adds up to about 1150 euros, but if you live in the US you’ll probably have to spend much less because of the import taxes and shipping costs. parts list -Loaded Vanguard -Orangatang Caguama (with bearings) -Caliber II Trucks (set)

  • HGLRC-Flipsky 6354 190KV (2X) -ownboard remote controllers -Battery and ESC case with LCD display -Caliber II Drive System Kit (2X) -Dual FSESC 4.20 100A -Ownboard Sanyo 20700 with Charger -Anti spark switch pro

any thoughts? this will be my first build and would love to hear your oppinions :slight_smile:

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Every deck you buy will get smashed into a concrete wall for 45 minutes


What do you want from your board, what will you use it for. How bad are the roads. Your weight?

Seems like this is a boosted copy, diy let’s you build whats right for you

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