The cost of saving your skin...Leathers

Just FWIW, i got road rash through a leather motorcycle jacket some years ago - meaning I was wearing the jacket when I laid a bike down and still got road rash. I am sure it was less than I would have received otherwise, but it did still happen.

I fell off my board last week wearing knee, elbow and wrist pads and still lost skin on my elbow - through the hard pad. Don’t understand that one.

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Where lucky we don’t travel at motor cycle speeds…200 km +…

You see them come off in F1 and they slide forever…hopefully hitting nothing. Sometimes you see them role over the other side of their leathers to escape the tremendous heat that’s being generated…Same in downhill longboarding.

I have a friend who raced bikes he lost the front wheel at Phillip Island there’s a kink nearing the end of the straight. He kept trying to pick it back up…wore through his knee pad and burnt a hole in his leg…lol

Gloves people. Good downhill gloves are a must if you’re going 50k (30mph) plus. First thing that most people do is put out a hand. I have cut out the thumb on mine. @mars living where we live its important to be comfy too. I don’t use my bike leathers unless its deepest darkest winter which as you know rarely gets down to the freezing cold depths of 15’ C brrrrrr! I have goretex and kevlar jackets and strides which suffice in the summer months. Bit more breathing capabilities than full leathers I’ve found. This only gets used though when I’m being silly. Most of the time its just a good helmet and jeans but I always wear my gloves.
Good thread mate.


Good point your hand is always the first thing you tear up…lol

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I had a crash around 50-60kmh a few months back with nothing but a Mtb helmet. I took some bad cuts on my hands and jarred my knee. Luckily I was wearing lots of layers and managed to step and roll instead of slid which avoided most of the road rash. I have since bought some mtb gloves and a gform knee pads. The pads are great, I tested them with a hammer and no pain at all haha. I do want some Kevlar pants and maybe a hoodie though

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Hitting your knee with a hammer…:rofl:

That’s a very fast crash…you were seriously lucky…

I’ve been wearing a Draggin Roo Hoodie…and tested it for real…haha it works well.

I recommend you look at them if your hunting a hoodie.

Haha well not jump in the air. I’m a fast runner naturally and thought I could run it out like my last falls around 40kmh so I took 2 steps then realised it wasn’t going to work and smacked my knee on the ground then tucked into a roll and barrel rolled down the road until standing up just before hitting the gutter, talk about good timing.

I meant hitting my knee with the hammer while wearing the gform pads haha. And I’ve seen those hoodies and they look great but a bit out of my price range. I’ve found a few on eBay that have some good reviews and people have tested them and say they held up well

How sweaty do you get in those mid-summer?

Two steps…you must be frigging fast…haha My first off maybe 20…25km one step tuck wrist shoulder bang roll roll I think. The next thing some well wisher was saying…my my you did that well dear…huh umm thanks

The hoodie took all the hit on my shoulder. I got up and thought I better do another lap there’s people watching…lol I look down as I’m going past the crash site on the next lap and some blood is dripping off my hand lol Enough for today…lol

In theory you should be able with good knee pads and slide gloves land slide it out…hopefully not hit anything get up and laugh about it. :sunglasses:

Haha I’ll just dolphins dive and land with my knees next time. The try and slide it out :joy::joy::joy:

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Not bad, it has loads of air vents that you can zip open. So if you’re moving at any reasonable speed you get decent airflow inside. Plus you can remove the winter liner from the inside.

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Catch of the Day…

If anyone is interested I will inquire about international delivery…:sunglasses:

The total opposite but how cool do they look :sunglasses:

Hi guys,

I found these guys in UK, worth checking out.



Thanks @Ras…just waiting to hear back from them about maybe posting some content here + hopefully some buying incentives for our members…lol

great news :slight_smile:

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They are evaluating our forum at the moment and currently on holidays till November :thinking:


What brand is you protective coat and pants and can you share were you ordered they look like a quality product I would be interested in.

Thanks, Kevin

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Yeah sure, it’s these:

I sized these up by 2 in so I can fit jeans or other pants underneath if necessary. They’re very adjustable so they fit snug either way. They have boot zippers as well, no need to remove shoes. (Motorcycle Riding Pants Black with Removable CE Armor PT5) sold by Xtreemgear on amazon.

The jacket is this. I can’t seem to find the same size on amazon anymore. I got a small. It’s a good match to the pants IMO. ( Xelement CF751 Mens Black Tri-Tex Motorcycle Jacket with Level-3 Armor) sold by Xelement

Go ahead and read the reviews, they seem to be really good and only improved since I got these a year ago.

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Hah, I just read this review on the pants and it gave me a load of peace of mind. “I came around the top of a hill only to find a sharp descending hairpin turn with tons of gravel on the sides. I braked to bleed off as much speed as possible, went hard into the turn scraping my pegs on the street, and almost made it out unscathed until the wheels caught gravel and I lowsided at around 35mph. Slid for just about 100 feet on street, through gravel, then into a small ravine with shrubbery and trees. If you look at my legs now, you’d think I maybe wrestled too roughly on some carpet, just a very light friction burn on my lower left leg. Look at the pants, however, and they tell a different story. They’re completely shredded, but most of it is where the padding is located. I was wearing nothing but boxers under them, the entire right ass cheek of the pant was torn open but it absorbed enough of the impact to leave a slight scuff on my boxers underneath.”