The Darth Maul: Sector 9 Bintang, dual 6374s, FocBoxes, 12S4P, torqueboards 218mm trucks

as far as i know its 60A, thats why its xt60

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Thats correct!

As far as I know the motor min has more effect on low speeds and battery min more effect on high speeds? Could you try putting batt min back up to -25A and reducing motor min 10 amps add see how it feels?

Really cool build buy the way, would love to daily that. :heart_eyes:

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Good catch brother. I’ll update my settings tomorrow

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There is also the max ERPM to full brake, what happens is that at low speeds, even at 95% duty cycle, the motor current is lower than the brake current you request on the remote, so as you drop bellow the max EPRM to full brake, the VESC shorts all phases together and your wheels lock up, try decreasing it a bit and see what value the full brake is engaged without locking up

Beautiful build by the way, I can only imagine the time spent on that grip tape

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After 1 month riding this thing, now with @ackmaniac FW and 107mm flywheels, I’m in love love love LOVEEEE

Best eboard I ever had!


Looks good but I would use fishpaper and individually wrap your 4p packs or do two long shrink wraps length wise rather than 5 width wise. The way you have it now, the middle cells can rup against other cells that are not in series and potentially cause a short/fire.

Unless I am missing something in the photos. Build looks nice otherwise!

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@Eboosted Can I ask how your braking performance has been on FOC? I tried to run FOC on a very similar set-up and the breaks were way weaker than BLDC and unable to stop me while going down hill

How much range are you getting on the 12S4P? I can’t decide between that and 10S6P. Incredible board btw, I’m building one now heavily inspired by yours.

The braking performance is perfect on FOC and ackmaniac firmware.

These are my settings for each motor:

Motor max 90A Motor min - 60A Battery max 40A Battery min - 20A


This is a great recommendation, I’m going to follow it next time I open the enclosure

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Love the enclosure… might have to get one from you soon :slight_smile:

How do you like it compared to your late Trampa Carver that passed away well before it’s time?

Well the performance is the same, the Trampa looked more galactic this one is more conventional but also lighter.

After switching the MBS wheels with Abec 11 107mm flywheels, I feel like riding over clouds. Amazing feeling but less torque.

On high speeds its a blast!

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Do you know if you would get wheelbite with the normal wheelbase, 218 trucks and 97-100mm wheels?

I have same/similar board from sector 9 that I might electrify for a friend. It was my push board so I made it a fork nose (chopped the noses)

I never tried that, I just did it for two reasons, increase wheel base to make it look cooler and allow the motors to be mounted on a reverse position without the need for such a long motor mount.

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This jogged my memory, I think this is how I solved my locking at almost stop speed. Give it try. I set mine really low at 100 erpm.

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Amazing info @lrdesigns, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. However it says (BLDC only), I’m running FOC

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Didn’t consider that, I wonder if there is a FOC equivalent?

@Eboosted I’m new to the site. Just want to tell you awesome board.

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Here is a video of this morning commute, enjoy!