The Darth Maul: Sector 9 Bintang, dual 6374s, FocBoxes, 12S4P, torqueboards 218mm trucks

If I knew there was going so to be much space, I’d have jumped on them.

I made it myself, I have several designs.

So I decided to make an honycomb design but meaner.

Step 1: Remove the temporary grip tape

Step 2: Paint the survace with matte ferrari red urethane car paint

Step #3: Cut heagons, tons of them

Step #4: Stick them one by one

Step #5: Force the GF to mount the trucks

Step #6: Install the led switch

Step #7: Step back and stare at the final board foor 1 hour

Step #8: Test ride it

Step #8: Ride the Darth Maul home


This is the first time I ride FOC withn no issues, the board extremely silent and a real acceleration beast, I reach top speed real fast, there is definitely less final speed than BLDC mode but the smoothness of launching from dead stops and cruising is definitely rewarding.

This has become my favorite e-board by far, it’s like ruding a brand new car with sexy looks, I’m in love again :heart_eyes:

My VESC settings are:

Motor Max 80A Motor Min -65A Battery Max 40A Battery Min -20A

I still need to dial in the braking at low speeds, it lock the brakes before it reaches dead stops.

@torqueboards The trucks are amazing @kaly the motors are beasts and are working flawlessly @okp thanks for the inspiration @tueboard Update the build with these final pictures


I did it myself, hit me up if you need one.

updated! good job, looks pretty awesome :slight_smile:

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can i ask you, what you used to paint it red ? looks better than GTX :slight_smile:

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Love your build. Beautiful board. I like to design a great enclosure for mine as well. I would like to talk with you about my enclosure. Perhaps you can give me some ideas because the way I’m conceiving mine is challenging. You set the bar really high with your build. :thumbsup:


Awesome build what kind of Carbon Fiber vinyl you used?

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Very nice build really like the red and black look, cant help thinking red Laser wire would look rather fetching along the edge for that lightsaber look.

It’s red car paint with matte clearcoat :grin:

I could ship you an enclosure, let me know which one would you like:

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sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! think I’m gonna do the same thing with my board. is that 5d carbon vinyl on the bottom?

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It’s just a regular leftover I had from a car carbon fiber look vinyl. If I had to do it again I’d apply a real carbon fiber layer

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Absolutely beautiful job Alan!

I’d really like to know what specific measures this time you took for wiring the battery. Series connections are just 2 wires per? Trying to figure out how you got the iron in such a small gap to solder those haha.

Huge thumbs up !

I guess you meant safety measures?

I used a cross flex wire pattern between packs to allow more flexiness removing the stress from the nickel strips, then I used 3M double sided tape between the enclosure and packs to avoid any movement, now it’s easier to remove the enclosure as it comes together with the battery, electronics and VESC. I also used used XT60s to connect the battery, VESCs and antispark switch, this way no spark could ignite the electronics at all.

Hey! Did you get the braking issue on low speed fixed? I am running into the same issue with my motors. The last time I used 2 motors were not on FOC so I dont know if it is related

Yeah man. How many amps are xt60 good to?

Also got any specific info on exactly how the cross wire pattern was done? What gauge… etc …

You just pull the battery packs away and solder them, as it’s flexible, you just squish them closer and you get a very flexible pack.