The Daughter's Build / Honey mini 32´´ / 1 belt motor / ? / focbox / nano-x

My daughter (12 years) wants a board so we will build one together - Quality time you know!

She want Pneumatics and she want distant (25 km.)

We will limit it to 20 km/h (12,5 mph) and it should be able to handel hills fairly good.

I have a set of Evolve AT´s with pullys and belts we will use.

It would be nice with some input on these things :

  1. We need to find a deck that is a little shorter than the “normal” sized longboard decks, so it will suit her as a smaller person. She wants to be close to the ground so we are looking for a drop-through a a drop board. And it should be able to carry the Evolve AT wheels with caliber II. Anyone has suggestions?

  2. Motor - what would be a suitable motor? We want to do a single motor board. She weighs around 40 kg / 90 lbs.

  3. We are going to build a 18650 30Q pack. Thinking og doing 10s (so we can use the same charger) but wouldn’t 8s be ok with what we want to do? What are your thoughts on that?

The board will be set up for her so the battery, motor, bushings etc. should match her needs as she is now.


It’s pretty small should be good. Use 6s 5p configuration does a better job at limiting speed and is lighter.


they have motor mounts also. I used this same set up for my friend she’s pretty small and loves it.

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Have a look on banggood at the 200kV racerstar motors that should be plenty of power for somebody of that weight

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Today I went on my bamboo gt with one motor disconnected to get an real world idea what kind of motor I should aim for for this build. In gt mode it did what it should. I had it up to 25 km/t and it did one of the steeper hils it needs to do ok. It struggle a bit, but with my daughter at half my weight it should be fine. So now I know that a motor that size handle it. Might still go for a bigger motor and then limit her in kv, gearing or controller input.

I also ordered this deck:

Honey Mini

It´s 32´´/ 81 cm. There are not that many short longboards out there.

Now I have to decide new truck. Fund that caliber 2 dose not handle Pneumatics.

Do you not think 10S might be a little OP for her at 12yo and 40kg? Perhaps if you want the range you could do 6S6P?

I think you are right. Right now 8s is what I aim for. But have not ruled out 6s. My thought is that I will use motor kv, and gearing to limit.

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Im glad you are thinking about that. I honestly think 10S is a recipe for disaster. I know what I was like at that age!

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+1 for the racerstar motor, it’s sufficient for me at 70kg.

Also recommend the hobbyking mount and trucks. The mount is solid and works well with their trucks, both in stock.

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Yeah… there are so many parameters that can be twerked so I can reach the desired performance in many ways. When I did my test today with the bamboo I was not far from what I want and thats a 10s config. I might want a slightly bigger motor, so I have to adjust some of the other parameters. Battery could be one of them.

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btw for the board. If it runs 20kmh a longer board is maybe better for the stability. but i see, you have already ordered the board.

6S8P or 6S10P for the win

She’ll have fun for hours

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For her enormous size and weight I am thinking atleast dual 6374 10s 190kv. Awd 80100 14s would have been better thought…:wink:

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She thinks a longer board is a bit to big. And If she is Like her father she is not a speed devil.

There is no kill like overkill :wink:

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since you can(should?) use 6S might as well take the opportunity to make a 10P ha ha ha

Also that opens up options in the future to remanufacture the battery as a 10S6P


I went 35 on my board when I was 13 :wink:

overkill doesn’t exist!


I got the board and have been playing around with a possible way to do the enclosure and battery layout.

As I can see it I have three option.

6s6p 6s5p 8s4p

I think I will do either the 6s6p or 6s5p

The white on the board is how the enclosure could be layout.






IMG_5955 kopi


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:slight_smile: I lost my Regular status so I can’t chance the headline anymore. Would have changed it to “The Daughter” build, as it has been processed under for last couple of months.

Anyway… the build is finished. I ended up with the following.

Deck: Honey Mini V 32 Longboard Deck Battery: 30Q 6s6p Motor: Racestar 5065 140 kv Vesc: Focbox Enclosure with switch and battery indicator prepared by Psychotiller. Trucks: Evolve supercarve. Remote: Enertion NanoX Wheels: Evolve pneumatics

I first tried some rkp. but those with the deck couldn’t handle pneumatics, but the tkp can. I got 1.5 inch more room with tkp.

After some rookie problems setting up the focbox I now got it running just as we wanted it to.

It takes me to 20 km/h / 12.5 mph on flat ground no problem. My daughter hasn’t tried full throttle yet. We got a nice acceleration curve she can handle and braking that are forgiving.

It takes Her up pretty steep and long hills no problem, with made us both happy. I Hoped it could and it can - great!

We have the stetting likes this:

Motor max 20a Batt max 25a Motor min (regen) -20 Batt min (regen) 8

All in all it is a succes for us :slight_smile:

We want to get rid of the evolve pneumatics and replace them with sixshooters to get a smaller wheel. I we just love the sixshooters.


Changed the title for you. Can change it back or to something else if you want. Just shoot a message : ).

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