The degree of the trucks of a mountainboard

I wanted to know about the decks used for mountainboard. Whether 30-35 degree is needed or can a 15 degree bend where the trucks go do just fine? Anywhere i can get this info would be highly appreciated links and pics encouraged lol

I read somewhere that the trucks turn better at (bigger/smaller) angles. Not sure which, but will try to find where I read that from.

I posted something similar this week with regard to skate trucks.:

If you look on the Trampa site, you will find some information. It looks like 35 seems to be the standard for mountainboards. They have a couple of 15 decks, that they actually fit mainly with skate trucks. I have a Scrub Regolith that I use for kite landboarding, and the angle is limited, with spring trucks. Not sure it makes a big difference, but your center of gravity is by essence lower.

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You can use skate trucks for MTB, but it ain’t that comfortable.

I need to find straight axle trucks for mountain board l have ats 12 and they are bent from the factory

The tkp extra long skate trucks are for a deck with 15° nose and tail. Spring trucks need a 35° nose and tail. Mbs and trampa sell both of them