The Derek Evo 4wd

In honor of Derek I was hestiant on making this build Carvon Speed R 4x 12s6p 30q BMS bypassed built by @barajabali Landyatch evo deck Abec 107’s superfly Focbox 4x Bushings are riptide 96a double barrel and shortcranks as well with riptide cones 96a Enclosure was from @pychotiller Things about this build a lot a lot of custom soldering needed to be made , everything was a tight fit I couldn’t fit focbox side to side so I stacked them 2 on each side with a parallel connector not sure if that’s dangerous I used 10awg wire with concern with long wires and making a big resistance. Landyatch evo and big batteries don’t go well everything is tight fit and I have okay clearance I just have to be carefull while riding. Planning to buy 6 shooters to see how that goes


love it, gotta ask how much you weigh dude? saw one of the clips u had floating around

About 165 pounds, board weighs 35 pounds

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sweet 4wd carvon Evo dude!

I would have thought barrels and fat cones at 96a would be too much for 165 pounds…

I stand corrected

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I feel its perfectly fine , I like it no speed wobbles and I have okay turning

Yeah I have a dual diagonal that I lengthened the power cables rather than the phase wires. One of the power cables is about 16" long

Yeah for me it’s power cable -> xt90 y splitter that I solderd making cables medium length -> 2 xt90 parallel connectors , all my cables were 10awg I saw a post about lenthing phase wires is bad and can cause troubles if using foc which I am. Also I was going to use 12awg but saw another post about how having a really long cable can create resistance and have troubles in foc or power delivery

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That’s basically Derek’s board :pensive:. You should name this board after him


You are right I already ordered griptape with his name on it ! Yes this build was 95% done because of Derek as you read at the top , I was hesitant to build this build, my only reason to making this build was to race Derek but he passed away and I figured I’d finish it in his honor . Derek conviced me to make it to begin with as a race. The only reason I didn’t want to say anything about Derek was just the fear of back lash but that’s why I never said anything sorry @Mikenopolis you are right


I read another post and it said that the power cables are what messes with foc because of the voltage spikes along the longer cables. It can be mitigated by using more capacitors

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yeah but I heard a better solution was just to use thicker guage wire so I did I used 10awg

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Are you using the modded GT2B. After riding his boards using them I changed all my remotes to them. Best advice ever

He actually gave me a gt2b mod after loosing the raffel that you did at the socal Speed day , same day loved it only remote I will use

Lol didn’t his brother get it in that raffle? So basically you won the raffle. Is Drew on the forum? Hope he’s doing well

I didn’t win lol his brother put in 20$ if I remember and won to my 5$ and Derek only gave me the gt2b mod housing I allready had the controller he offered a full controller with the mod but I felt bad so I just took the gt2b mod just the housing

Build looks nice. Whats the top speed supposed to be on the speed versions on 12s?

2wd I have no clue 4wd I think 62mph weighted around 50ish I feel if I’d gone a vesc 6 I’d have a higher top speed anyone with a 2wd wana chime in

Well you have 4 focbox. You’re splitting the amp draw so the capability will be within the limits of the focbox. It shouldn’t be the limiting factor. Just voltage sag. However 12s6p with a full battery shouldn’t be much. I just pulled 111A on my 12s6p (mostly full charge) and didn’t see much sag.

Yeah but I want to push to 37on bat and 110motors but I don’t want to fry anything those were Derek’s settings for 4wd he had a 25r 12s6p I have a 12s6p 30q I can pull more amps but I am playing it safe for now on 30bat and 60motors Tried 35bat and 80motors was a lot faster can’t imagine 110 on motors

Which is weird because I have my motor Max at 80 but it never gets above 70 so more motors would be even less. Unless you do bindings or hang onto board…