The "DIWhyNot Board"

I started to collect esk8 parts around a year ago for my first build, which never really got completed. It then was run over and I became demoralized with the build for a while. Any way, got some cash so I ordered just enough parts to resurect my board with a few improvements.

This is my first post and it’s from my phone, so excuse my poor formatting.

The specs of the board are: Wheels: MBS all terrain 101mm Motor: Torqueboards 6573 230kv Pulleys: 16-36 DIWhy motor mount Piece O’ Crap Friends old Target skateboard Caliber 44 trucks Abec 7 bearings Mamba Monster 6s esc Multi star 5200 10c batteries (2x4s in parallel.) DIWhy Controler (literally made with spoons)

All my pictures just say “uploading” and have for a while. So if there aren’t any pics I’ll fix it when I can get on a computer.

When you insert the picture in the post editor it will say uploading you gotta wait a few seconds and it will upload, then you click reply/post

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Well here they are. Unfortunately they uploaded without any sense of order. When I’ve got the motivation, I’ll switch 'em around.


Nice work on that motor mount

Yeh, nice motor mount skills… but why did you just ‘‘cut a hole’’ in the mount to fit the tensioner pulley (bearings) wouldnt a regular hole be better?

Im not sure how tight is that bolt for your tensioner but for me it would look like securing in a hole the whole bolt would have been better… well unless you did not have much space and that pulley with that size bearings had to be at that exact location… :slight_smile:

Actually I got a bit inspired to perhaps try these big mbs wheels one day, too… if they can overcome rough terrain and curbs ok… it might be a good alternative to regular pneumatic wheels :slight_smile:

I didn’t originally plan on the bearings to be that high, but it turned out I misjudged the length of the belt.

The wheels are amazing. I took them for a spin in sorta wet weather and the were great going off curbs and over rocks/sticks. Can’t wait to try them out with the motor!

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Btw @NashTrash can you report what bearing size did you chose/ use?

Im also planning on installing a tensioner… i have not been to a gear shop yet but I would like to find something that fits on 5mm screw… as that is the current diameter of the hole I made for the motor mount.

So your input might be valuable in deciding what bearing to get :slight_smile:

That’s the ugliest and most beautiful build ever! reminds me of the Iron Man suit Tony Stark made in the cave from the 1st film.

keep up the awesome work

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Mad props for all of your handy work! I think most people have no idea how much sweat equity is involved with hand tools.

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I used standard skate bearings which I believe are 8mm (id) and 22mm (od)

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how is the motor mount fixated to the axle? it doesnt seem like its clamped on or something? is it just pressed in really tight?

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It’s just a realllly tight fit for the minute. I’m either going to epoxey it place and clean it up, or make some sort of set screw arrangement to keep it in place. I Don’t have a set of taps to do that so I’m still thinking of the best way to go about it.