The Dojo | Sector 9 DHill Division Dojo | Caliber V2 trucks | TB 190kv Motor Dual setup | 10s4p battery pack | VESC | Nyko Kama wireless nunchuck | 90mm urethane wheels

This is going to be my first build.

Still waiting for enertion to ship me my space cell pro4. been waiting for it for a few weeks now.


ground clearance looks good


The clamp bolt being opposite directions would bother me, but I guess i’m just a bit OCD about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, me too. but the screw tread on the clamp would only accept from one side, so I had to flip it. would like to get comments from the others though. this is the motor mount from @torquebo

Nah man, it goes in either way!


really? when I tried that setup, the screws won’t go in. did you have to force it? will try again. thanks!

Nope, went it perfectly. They should be completely reversible.

Love that deck. I think I may use it on my next build.

Agreed. That is a beautiful deck.

Do you just use a reguler motor mount when placering them “reverce” ?

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean. I’m using a modified TB v4 mount and clamp. I had to cut a bit of the mounting plate to extend the screw holes so I could reverse mount it.


Thanks thats a good enough answer for me☺

Great looking build!!!

thanks!!! still waiting for my space cell4 though. i hope it gets here soon so I can continue the build.

soldered bullet connectors to the vesc and motor. I just hope my soldered connections are good enough.

cracked open the nyko kama receiver and connected it to the vesc

connected the 2 vescs via can bus connector and secured it with a zip lock. now all I’m waiting for is my battery


Where did you get this plastic fasteners for the motor leads on the VESC ? What are they called and where can i buy ? Those are dope as hell.

I got them from hobby king. they came with the bullet connectors that I purchased.

wow i never saw those before. Is the connection strong when you connect them together ?

kinda look like my build, not sure what happened, I was excited , researched everything,now I’m over a 450 limit, my deck is junk, 40 dollar ebay double kick tail modded at one end but so hard I feel like it will break, picked up a 3200 watt 80 amp 130kv alien power motor ,alien power receiver ,caliber 2 trucks tho they seem like knock offs,97mm wheels,13t/36t drive gear set 12mm wide, making my own motor mount tho I don’t think I reccoment it unless u have better tools then i.still need a vesc or esc and a battery, again, got duped, wanted to build my own battery ended up with knock offs 25grams the battery weighs in at a real one should weigh at least 43grams, , in the end I will finish this board and then give it away as I have already started planning a new build hoping it gos better then this build, anyhow, looks like a nice build going on, looking forward to a finish product so let us know how it runs kk

not just you but I would deff make it look symmetric kinda drives me nuts looking at the pic, like the build but ,lol