The Dream | Arbor Bluetooth | Dual Diag 6374 | 180mm Paris Clones | Ripba and Arbor V1 Mounts | 10s3p 25r | Heatsinked TB VESCS | Omen Dropship | OLED gt2b

so yea. the dream build is on the verge of being completed :grin: will post updates here FULL PARTS LIST INCOMING -192kv SK3 -190kv @JLabs 6374 (great motor btw) -dual heatsinked TB VESCs -10s3p 25r pack (from @JLabs GB from a little over a year ago, thanks @mmaner) -generic Paris Clones -@psychotiller ripba mount (rock solid) -greco v1 mount (work in progress) -@psychotiller 405 enclosure -OLED Gt2B mod (heavy work in progress) -for now im using the new maytech remote, @longhairedboy sells em if you wanna pick one or two up -97mm clones -16/36 pulleys (@johnny_261 and ebay chinesium) -Omen Dropship (alt graphic)

I think I got everything. Huge thanks to @mmaner for making this happen. He has given me a crazy amount of free parts. standing ovation

I’ll update with pics once I get my vescs back and battery arrives.


@mmaner to the rescue.

#makeawish #dreamsdocometrue


I try :slight_smile:

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Very interested in this

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Everything except pictures!


figuring out the arduino code now. the 3d model is a remix of the sparkle from @okp. .96” OLED with telemetry :wink:


oh yea, did I mention 8mm bullets?


What makes you use 8mm instead of 4-5mm?

less chance of them coming apart. waaaaaay easier to solder. also, they’re actually smaller than 5.5mm in length

Dont you need a fucking blowtorch to heat them up? 5.5mm takes some time for me at 100w (bad iron i guess). I won’t even think of trying to heat up 8mm :sweat_smile:

nah. I do it with a super cheapo 80w weller. heats them up super easy after only about 5 minutes of warming up the iron :slight_smile:

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Why is there black spots on your bullet connector :joy: did you bring out the lighter

that would be the reflection of the leather chair i took those on :wink:

i’d rather we didn’t talk about this in my build thread

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I also have some 1980s fancy quality 100w iron gun and it works great for normal stuff but when i need to solder some 6mm sq. wire I bring out the big guns, a propane gas tank and im done with this electrical bullshit lol

Thats serious. 0awg wire next Lol

Its hard to solder precisely with this, heat somehow escapes so fast from the solder on my cheapy wires lol

So I got to use this for like battery cables, im still pissed from afternoon, couldn’t solder p- on my bms for like a half hour

update! 1 (maybe 2) vescs will be on there way back to me (thanks @scepterr :ok_hand:)

battery is all wired, just waiting on heatshrink from LHB


Not bad for a senior citizen :slight_smile:


just waiting on vescs from @scepterr at this point. ordered some panel mount mini usbs so I won’t have to open my enclosure. me and another member on here have been working on an app (i tell him what I want and he does it :rofl:) that will allow me to have full access to VESC-Tool without any wires.

also ordered some pvc to make a dual vesc mount so i can forget about hot glue