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The dual big boy | 12s lipo 5000mah | TB's 12S 120amp esc | TB's 63mm 6355 230KV | 83mm or 90mm clone fly wheels

Hey, my name is Armand, I want to use the board to travel around the city for fun and for transportation!
This is my first build so I would appreciate any help. There are no hills, all flat, and I like speed!

Deck - either this - Earthwing chaser 36" (
or blank maple vanguard looking deck ( )
Trucks - TB’s 180mm trucks ( product/torqueboards-v2-pro-trucks/ )
Wheels - TB’s 90mm clone flywheels or 83mm
Motor mount - TB’s bolt on motor mount v4 ( product/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/ )
Pulley - TB’s 16/36t 12 mm
Motor - TB’s 6355 230 kv ( product/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-230kv-2650w/ )
ESC - TB’s 12S 120A Car ESC ( product/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv/ )
Remote - TB’s 2.4ghz remote
Batteries - (2) 6s LIPO 25c 5000mah ( )
Enclosure - TB’s enclosure
Charger & Power supply - iCharger 208b and Hobbykings 350w power supply.

Thats my build i will soon be posting pictures and info on!
Please ask questions or recommend me stuff
Price is around $1,050


I meant 32/16, is that right?

If you are running 12S I would go with a lower kv motor. Actually, I heard somewhere that @torqueboards 230kv motor is 190kv. Double check with him. If it isn’t then @chaka 170kv motor should be good.

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Oh no…I was just checking if you meant a 36t which is common …

Yes! Thats what I meant, thanks for pointing it out

Ok thanks for the info

I’m running exactly the same setup your planning to build. 12s/5000/25c Lipo Dual TB 12s ESC’s Dual TB 6355/230kv Motors 16/36 pulleys 90mm wheels I’m 190 lbs Performance: Don’t know what top speed is on flat but I’ve done 28mph going uphill. I’m guessing top speed flat is gonna be at least 30mph Hill climbing is amazing even with 16t motor pulley and 90mm wheels. Range is good, I’ve gone as much as 12 miles and still have nominal voltage left. For maximum speed, stay with the higher KV motor and 90mm wheels. 230kv is a good balance for torque and speed. 90mm wheels will roll you faster than 83mm and also will roll over rocks, cracks and debris better than the smaller wheels. I’m also using TB’s 2.4ghz mini remote. It offers excellent throttle and brake control and I put 2 lithium AA batteries in it back in December and there still going strong. Here’s mine:


Wow that’s a really nice build, I’m about 110 lbs, so I think it will be fine. Thanks for posting your build

At 110lbs, you should experience even better performance and range.