The dual drive V4 125USD shipping for free!

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is there a canbus connector for 4wd setups? where are you shipping from?

Thats a seriously insane price. If i needed one right now i would have bought it…

I seriously want to buy this…

@YUTW123 does this have built in anti spark?

what is the bullet connector size?

look at the pic, the can_L and can_H are present, but no socket. from the pic, you’d just need to solder a couple of pinouts

there is no anti spark inside

4mm Banana plug,xt60 for power supply

Can bus line default connection, through two 0 ohm resistors

Can this be used with a 12s battery?

Nice Comm port…non of the standard plugs will work…:clap::disappointed: Choosing 6pin JST makes it unusable for metr, even if you are willing to change the cables…

Support 12s

Are there any reviews on this? I’m in a need for a dual VESC right now.


@YUTW123 has sent me one for review I will be testing it out once I receive it.


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Christmas sale ~ WWW.EBMAKERS.COM

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Hi @YUTW123, I think this is the ESC I have, but I’m looking for information about pinouts and how to connect a receiver?

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