The effect of motor timing

What effect does advancing or retarding the motor timing have on performance? What would be some of the advantages of retarding the timing under 8 degrees to say 4 degrees or 0 be for the r spec motor? My ESC has settings of 0-4-8-16-30 degrees. I like the top speed 8s gives me but I don’t want the board to jurk out from under me. So I’m wondering if changing the timing will help with this.

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Bringing this back from the dead because I’m curious.

At 0 degrees you have more torque from a dead start but at higher degrees you have more top speed but you end up with more motor cogging from a dead start. At 0 degrees top speed was only half a mph slower then 8 degrees and at 30 degrees it was only a mph faster but suffered major motor cogging from a dead start. I keep mine at 0 degrees because it’s more beneficial. Plus it has more torque for going up hills. 4 degrees seems to be the best of both worlds but still gives more motor cogging effect.


Also the higher the motor timing is the hotter the motor casing can get. Not good if you want the motor to last. These motors were made to run at 8 degrees but that was if it was only turning a propeller. Not the case here with all this weight holding the motor back from turning hence you end up with motor cogging at start and must push start the board . At 0 degrees a push start is not needed if on a flat Street.

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As far as the board hurling out from underneath you it’s best to set the punch control at max this way the throttle is mostly Progressive. Most programmable 5th scale car ESC is have this function that you can set with a program card.

Also The less voltage the batteries have the less acceleration the board will have at speed. If you run 12s 50 volts the board will have tons of acceleration ability but this can be dangerous. I tried 6s 25 volts but was not happy with top speed. I was most happy with 8s 34 volts. Good top speed and not to much acceleration like with 12s. Most of these guys here run 10s voltage witch I think is still to much acceleration ability which can kick you off the board at speed again dangerous and at top speed it’s only a mile per hour faster than 8s.