The Fat Spud - Jet spud 29" deck , Trampa trucks , 10" wheels

New build :slight_smile:

  • Deck- Jet Spud 29" sitting in my house without use.
  • Trucks- Broken axles trampa trucks I received , made new extended axle from 4340 steel.
  • Wheels -10 inch wheels from AliExpress , had to change the bearing size from 26 to 28 mm .
  • Motor mounts - made from 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Risers - 35 degrees made from 7075 T6 aluminum .
  • Controller : Flipsky 6.6 dual esc
  • Remote : Flipsky new remote with battery gauge
  • Motors : maybe SK8 6374 - need to decide.
  • Gears : I will make aluminum pulleys , 1:5 gearing .
  • Battery : 10S 24Ah
  • Battery enclosure: Eboosted or self made .
  • freeboard bindings

most parts are custom made so it will take some time …

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Battery 24ah? or 24A output

24 Ah
Thanks :slight_smile:

Pretty big, what cells did you use? LiPO or Li-ion?

those are nice wheels! How hard it was to replace the shaft on the trucks and how the shafts now fixed? set screw and loctite?

will use lipo for this , I think there is enough space under :joy:

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@bigben makes a dope enclosure for the spud. Much nicer fit. I can share pics in a little bit comparing the two

it was easy with the right tools … the axels pressed inside. made flat area and pressed the new once with locktite and set screw holding it

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always :sweat_smile: but for somebody who just have some pliers and stuff it would be possible as well?

no way … you need press or high temperature to remove them , this area is the problem52d91f99-2d84-4fe4-b7c1-8ce770634d1d

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Thx for that info!

Now I also understand why one of my shafts came lose a while ago…


yes , in the titanium ultimate there are no teeth . happened to me so I returned them with red loctite (can’t remember which … since then working great!

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With your 10" wheels do you have to have wider hubs? I’m thinking about 10" tyres for my quad…Screenshot_20190418-141132_Alibabacom Screenshot_20190418-141132_AlibabacomScreenshot_20190418-141009_Alibabacom

took picture for you to compare :slight_smile:

  • 8 inch on MBS matrix ||
  • 9 inch with offset on trampa trucks
  • 10 inch on my extended trampa trucks e5a994f2-7dfb-4c24-b37b-d46790e26fc5

Uh-oh, I’ve got ultimates. Should I be worried? Could you post some pictures of how you removed the old axles and replaced them?

no , I really love this trucks! and sorry, but it is too late to take pictures …

that’s what I wrote to one of the users here on PM

  1. remove the set screw holding the axle
  2. disassemble the lower part of the truck and remove all plastics .
  3. apply WD-40 inside the setscrew holes
  4. hold the axle with clamps
  5. heat the trucks really good on the tip (place with the pattern
  6. when the aluminum extend try to hold the trucks with heat resistant gloves and rotate+ pull out .

@Guy! Did you ever get motors on this thing? It’s wild!

Sure , tested it with 3D printed motor mount and it was really great ! made CNC 7075 belt drive mount and pulleys but now working on 1:6 direct drive and 12S setup

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Hello! Have you ended up your project? Yesterday I found this wheels on Ali and started thinking… An today by accident I find this topic =)