The Firstborn | Earthwing 37 | Mono 6355 | 10s SPACE

I’ve recently finished my first eboard build. Thank you to this forum for the inspiration, knowledge, and support. And thank you to the vendors who are making great products more attainable. I too got interested after seeing the boosted board, and even more interested after riding one. I knew I could build one.

Materials: Earthwing Muirderer 37 kicktail DIYES welded motor mount paris trucks DIYES 6355 230kv motor DIYES 12s 120A ESC Enertion SPACE cell 10s3p battery Psychotiller 17" low pro enclosure Wiiceiver & Nyko Kama 83mm flywheels

So far I’ve only put about 40 miles on the board. I’ve experienced zero signal loss from the wiiceiver and used silicone to secure the connections. I did lose a couple motor mount screws during testing, have since used loctite. I made a thick, multi-layer, rubber gasket for the needed additional space in the enclosure, and to dampen vibrations.


Nice build, super clean! And loving the look of that deck. Congrats!

NICE deck, Gotta love a kick tail!

Sick board man, Earthwing army!

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