The flipsky dual esc group buy. ITS ON. 130$ including usa shipping

Dspx. It’s dual vesc. The title change to double now? @Hummie clarification it’s dual vesc right? Not double vesc two separate vesc?

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it’s this one


Yes, it’s dual ESC, not 2 two separate.


i updated the google document questions. please post how many you ordered.

When are you planning on buy/ship?

we’re at 12 orders and need 20. maybe you guys cant see that from your side.

Waiting on a transfer to go through but I’ll be sending you money for one more in the next 24 hours @Hummie

I’m in… and paid. @Hummie, confirm please?

BoramNYC, I think your 13. We need 7 more. Hummie payment due when you complete 20 orders?

maybe wait a day or two after see if any straggler and then.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on this forum for quite sometime. But what’s the price? $130 or $111.70? Sorry for the stupid Qs :frowning:

No worries. It’s $130, the Google Form should indicate it as well if you want to be sure. better fill that up too

it was less as i was asking for people to pay using “friends and family” uninsured payment on paypal, which has no fees, but the overseers here told me I coudnt encourage “friends and family” payment as its not insured and against policy on esk8 site. so had to raise the price assuming people will pay me using “goods and services” payment. It adds 2.9 percent fee to what i get. And got frustrated doing it for so cheap before at that low original price i made about a dollar each. it does take some time and wasnt worth it.


Fine by me. I’ll still pay F&F and wait for it to be shipped with my deck. In hummie I trust


thanks skunk i will return the favor. boards are just paid for and should probably ship tomorrow. i’ll get them off to you guys as soon as they arrive.


Likewise with @skunk on that. I don’t mind f&f if its @hummie. I trust that He delivers and he has indeed in the past so its a good track record

Wouldn’t mind f&f for furure purchases from you

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I should say that I totally get where the mods are coming from on this though. And it’s a good rule to have. Shop smart

Shop s-mart


Am I wrong or do I see eu buyers for this here. If I am right please join the eu group buy here:

i only see american buyers on the google doc. @sayekim

Oh okay then never mind. Bummed that the eu groupbuy ain’t happening. I thought @Wraith was on the other side and bought one.

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