The Frankenboard 🤖 | Loaded Vanguard | Dual 6355 | Dual FOCBOX | 8s 10000mAh | Orangatang Kegels

I’m in love, looking very nice.

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Curious about the removal of the print on the board. Did you apply some kind of gloss after ? Was it easy to remove ?

I stopped sanding when the print was almost gone, so there’s still a faint pattern. On the underside I applied a clear coat, and on the top side I applied the grip tape and nothing else. :slight_smile: It was pretty easy to sand it down when I used my electric sander.

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Okay thanks for the answer!

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Paint complete :sunglasses:


Made a short video and took some more pics :smiley:


Can you please explain further how did you paint the letters and symbols on the deck? Looking dope.


I just printed the letters on thick paper, and then cut them out with a knife. Then I stuck it to the deck and spraypainted it. :slight_smile: That was before i got access to a vinyl cutter…

Totalt i orden bygget :slight_smile: Hvad materiale er dine enclosures printet i ?

PLA :slight_smile: holder fint med en gummikant

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Looks really awesome! Not so much a fan of the boosted arrow copy but to each their own :wink: Great name as well!

awesome build. you still got the enclosure files?

The probably-more-than-1000km-update!

Alright, here we go!

This board is so perfect for me, and it just got a lot better! I finally found a way to charge my batteries, without having a BMS, and still being able to balance charge. I also added an antispark switch (courtesy of @goldenHusky) as well as a LED button! I never have to take off the enclosures any longer!

The way I charge my batteries is that, first of all, I upgraded my charger to a 10s charger. Second, I added a XT90 as well as a VGA port for charging. In the left picture the covers for hiding/blacking out the connectors are on.

This makes me able to use the same charger and system for both my boards! The cable itself is still in a “beta” phase, I’m not exactly sure if I’ll keep it as a single cable or split it into two.

I’m able to charge this board in about 1hr, and it goes more than 30km on a charge. Purrrfect. She just got a wash today, so here’s some more pics :smiley:

Thanks for reading :heart:, lmk if you have any questions or if you want pics of the connector building phase :slight_smile: fraannk OUT


i am a total newb. For your charging system, how do you charge with the batteries still connected to the esc? I use 2 5s batteries is series, and i have to disconnect them, to connect them to the charger because there is one xt60 plug on each.

Could we get an update on how it’s running? Anything you’d like to add? :slight_smile:

i have the same doubt of @sid1 . i am running the same setup, 2 X 5s and how does it work this schema? thanks

@sid1 Sorry, I completely missed your question… I tried drawing it for you. //cc @xBRAZILx

@UniqueSnowflakeN27, It still runs like a baws, I even used it in the rain for a couple rides, and still works like a charm. I plan on upgrading the VESC’s to FOCBOX’es, and the motors to sensored, so I can get sensored FOC up and running. I also want to upgrade it to 12mm belts, since I break a lot of belts. I accelerate and brake intensely a lot.


Nice! Thanks for the update :slight_smile: Have you thought about adding a fuse?

I had one on my earlier revisions, but since I got my new antispark switch with LED support, which doesn’t have a fuse, I haven’t really been “wanting” it. I use the same argument as @goldenHusky, that I do not want the fuse to blow at the wrong moment.

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Your Build looks premium

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