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thats the weirdest diagram - two anti sparks? Why not place them properly and have just one?

Actually 4 anti sparks😂

I am a new guy, do you know how can I do it? thanks

by reading forum threads - a lot!

Thanks. Yes I did it.


This is gonna be a long post, so sit tight. :wink:

Alright, so continuing the consistent use I have once again used my board for many many kilometers. Then winter came, and I had to put my board to sleep, since winters in Denmark would completely ruin your board (salt, wet conditions, snow and so on). But now, the spring/summer season is coming, and I needed to make the board ready for that. Since I got my FOCBOX’es and never got to installing them, I thought this would be the perfect time to do that as well. Commencing the refurb!

First off, I took off the grip tape, since I wanted to regrip it. I also re-painted the trucks, sanded the deck, made the wire channel a little bigger, and applied clear coat to the deck for better weather resistance.

Next up, I wanted to add lights to the front and back of the board, so I needed some extra wires in the wire channel, for the cleanest look possible. I’ll then be able to control the lights from the Nano-X.

The motors were getting pretty worn, so I changed the bearings, and repainted the cans. That got rid of the APS logo and now they look extra crispy.

The motor mounts I used on this build did not have an option to get belt covers on, so I bought some BKB mounts (from @JLabs, designed by @JuniorPotato93, covers on Thingiverse also designed by the aforementioned) and they look amazing. Yes, I actually should be able to run dual 15mm, but for now I only upgraded it to 12mm. The pulleys were upgraded to 15mm though. (Damn that was expensive for some pieces of aluminium/metal…) Complete look:

Installing the FOCBOX’es instead of the Maytechs, fits perfectly with my existing enclosures. I still want to do a slimmer redesign though, since there’s extra space in the height.

I finally got a chance to make the two-tone griptape, and I think the result came out great! But then I needed to redo the logo and name, so back to the cutting board!

FINAL RESULT :heart_eyes:

Thanks for reading, here’s some pics :smiley: Board now runs in FOC, and damn is it smooth!!

Things I still need to do: :pushpin: Add the lights, since the wires are now in place. :pushpin: Redo the charging solution, into one connector. :pushpin: New sensored motors. :pushpin: Redesign of the enclosures.


15mm belts fits perfectly :heart_eyes: And now I also use the same belts on both my builds. :+1:


Looks great!

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Looks really good!! What do you plan on doing with your enclosures?

I want to make them a little slimmer, since there’s too much space left :slight_smile:

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that board looks legit man awesome job.


The sensored motors are in the house! :sunglasses: Now I just need 18t 15mm pulleys with 8mm bore, since these has a lower kv.

Ty @BoostedBuilder!


Noob question here, but what would be an advantage of sensored motors be? Loving the build, looks stunning!

Better startup torque / smoother startup / no need for a kick push / FOC.


Sweet thanks @BoostedBuilder!

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Do you have a link for the belt cover?

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Not exclusively on sensored motors :point_up_2: Sorry to revive this lol

True, but FOC does perform better with sensored motors.

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Better how?

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